Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Night Away

Up until now I have never spent a night away from Andrew. Yes, we've had babysitters here while J and I had a date night, but I've never not been here to see him in the morning.  This weekend was supposed to be the first time, when J and I fly to Dallas for the Steelers/Cowboys game.  I was already getting anxious about it, knowing I won't see him for 48 hours.

Well, my first night got bumped up by a few days. I'm heading to the airport shortly to catch my 10:11 AM flight to Pittsburgh for my grandmother's funeral tomorrow.  My parents both said I didn't have to go (they both explicitly said that we are NOT to cancel our plans for this weekend), but I felt like I need to be there for my dad.  The viewing and funeral service are both tomorrow morning and then my return flight isn't until 7:43 PM (getting me in at 11:38 - ugh) but I may try to see if I can get an earlier one.  We have to get up Saturday morning, pack up and head to Myrtle Beach to drop off the munchkin with my mom (my dad will still be in PA) and catch our 1:45 flight to Dallas.

So anyway, it's going to be a crazy busy few days. Hopefully it'll take my mind off of how much I know I am going to miss my little dude.


  1. aww he'll be fine (and so will you!). have a safe trip!

  2. I've only had one night from my little guy and he is 2 1/2. I so get the worry! But he should do just fine. It's good practice for you:)

  3. You will be fine! But I can only imagine how hard it will be, I have yet to be away from Leland for a night. Also, glad you are able to attend the funeral.