Monday, July 15, 2013


No, I'm not dilating or having contractions or anything. I'm talking about finally making progress on Andrew's new room and preparing for baby.

We finally emptied everything out of the closet in the former guest room and got everything out of the dresser in there.  I don't really like that dresser, but I guess I'll concede on it for now (it's J's grandfather's so it's an antique and it's not like we can just pitch it).  We also pulled everything out of the walk in closet in the old master bedroom to reorganize and purge - goodwill hit the jackpot this weekend.

Anyway, I am happy that we finally made some progress. Andrew's new bed is all made up:

Yes, that's right. We're crazy and planning on moving Andrew straight from a crib to a queen size bed.  We still have the bed rails to put on to hopefully keep him somewhat contained and plan on getting them on sometime this week.

Andrew seemed happy to lounge on his bed watching some cartoons yesterday morning:

Even though I hate the dresser we're still using it, but with the drawers lined and the bottoms soaped to help ease the sliding it's not awful:

I spent yesterday morning moving all of his clothes from his current nursery to his new dresser and closet. I even got Andrew to help with the socks since he loves to put socks away.  And he has so much more drawer space in his new room that they look kind of empty.  That just means I can get him more clothes  :)

Once he went down for his nap yesterday we went to work putting up the curtain rod for the curtains and black out panels.  Those things rock - his room is pitch black when they're closed:

We also, against my better judgement, mounted the tv that was in there to the wall..  I don't think he needs a tv in his room and I'm sure we'll be judged to high heaven for putting it in there, but for now at least it's there.  We need to get shelves to fit underneath it so I will be on the lookout for some.  For now there is a chair there for the cable box, but that obviously is not staying once he is actually in the room:

We also still need to hang the little animal pictures things on the wall. For now they are resting on the headboard and Andrew sees it as a challenge to jump on the bed and knock them down:

So it's not done and he isn't really in it yet, but at least we've made some progress.  And so far Andrew seems to like it:

Now to figure out how to get him to actually sleep on the bed and not just dance/jump on it!


  1. This is the route we are going too. Straight from a crib to a full sized bed. I figure get it done all at once!

    1. It makes me really nervous, but we don't want to have to try to store that bed and we definitely don't want to buy something that he'll grow out of soon. It should be interesting to say the least!!

  2. I think you're doing the right thing - we didn't mess with a toddler bed either because, as you said, they grow out of things quickly. I hope its a smooth transition for you. We found that it took about the same amount of time for James to adjust the twin bed as it did for him to adjust to a crib. You'll get through it. Loads of good thoughts coming your way :-)