Friday, July 12, 2013

Under 50 (33 weeks)

That's right folks - less than 50 days until this little munchkin is scheduled to arrive.  And if Mother Nature takes any pity on me whatsoever it will be less than the 49 days until my EDD.  

Dealing with the heat and humidity the last couple weeks have been brutal. This past Sunday Andrew wanted to play outside.  We had the jump castle set up and we played in there for a little while, until I couldn't take it any more.  I dragged out his pool and got the hose to fill it up.  Andrew was upset when I made him go inside so we could change.  I told him that if he wanted to stay outside we had to go in and put on our swimsuits because if I was going to be outside I had to be in water.

Unfortunately our back yard doesn't have that much in the way of shade trees - just palms - but I was able to put the pool in a little bit of shade which made our 30 mins outside bearable.  Now if only I could get him to agree to sit in the pool with me for the next 5 - 7 weeks...

And on to this week's check in:

How far along? 33w0d and baby is the size of a durian.  WTF is that, you ask?  It's this:

He should be about 17.5 inches and 4 lbs at this point.  His bones are hardening and he's keeping his eyes open when awake now.

Weight loss/gain:  30 lbs. Blah.

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all pants are maternity, except for some shorts with elastic waists and my pj pants.  I got a bunch of tall length shirts from Old Navy and they came in this week. They work perfectly and give me a little more variety with shirts at least.

Symptoms:  The cherries and tea combo is working wonders on the constipation.  Now I'm dealing with hip pain, especially when I get up in the morning.  I asked my OB about it because I was worried since the hip pain didn't start with Andrew until right before he was born.  She said that with subsequent pregnancies things happen earlier and that it's just my body remembering.  If I feel any real pressure or contractions I should call, but for now I shouldn't worry.

Sex (of baby):  It's a BOY!!!

Name: Still haven't made a decision. Ugh.

Sleep: Sleep is ok - not great but not awful.  I wake up a lot but normally fall back to sleep with no problems.

Best moment this week? I guess that would be having another good appt and hearing his heartbeat again.

Movement: He moves all over the place.  It makes me nervous how active he is at nighttime because I wonder if that means he'll be that active at night once he's out, too.  The other night J had his arm draped across my belly when we went to sleep and the little dude was doing a jig in there. He asked "How can you sleep with that happening?".  My response?  "Why do you think I'm so tired?!?"

Food cravings:  I ate two cantaloupes over the past couple days.  And there is an entire watermelon sitting on our kitchen counter waiting for me to cut into it. I love fruit.

Belly button in or out?  In.  Slightly shallow, but I don't see it popping.

What I miss?  A good hard workout and being able to move around without groaning.

What I'm looking forward to?  We've planned a little vacation for the end of this month when our daycare is closed.  We booked a little cabin on Lake Adger up in NC and I can't wait!

Milestones:  As stated above - less than 50 days! Eeeek!!

What I'm nervous about:  Starting to worry about what we'll do when I go into labor. It was easy the first time around - just get up and go to the hospital. Now we have to think about who is going to watch Andrew while we're in the hospital.

And this week's pictures.  I feel huge.


  1. Replies
    1. Aww thanks! I don't FEEL small, but I guess it could be worse. :)

  2. Getting closer! I don't know how you can still wear pants! I was wearing shorts and the darn elastic was driving me nuts, so this past week I graduated to dresses only...let me tell you, best thing ever!

    1. Unfortunately I don't have enough dresses to wear them every day and I refuse to buy any more clothes at this point. My jeans were annoying me today, but my other pants aren't bad. I don't know how people wear those full panel pants, though. Those things are awful.

  3. You look wonderful! I can't believe that he will be here so soon! I'm so excited for you!