Monday, September 2, 2013

Newborn Photos

On Thursday I took Elliot to get his newborn pictures done at 5 days old.  I also took Andrew with us in hopes of getting some sweet pictures of the two of them.  He wasn't overly cooperative (he cried when we asked him to lay on the blanket and would roll away every time we put the baby next to him), but with the bribe of fruit snacks and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Selena's phone we were able to get a couple cute ones:

I was also tickling his legs which is how we got a smile out of him.

This one cracks me up with Elliot's facial expression  :)

Once we got a few of the two of them I called J to see if he could come get Andrew. I knew we still had a while to go and there was no way my little 2.5 year old was going to last.  He hadn't napped and he was getting fussy.  Thankfully J's conference call was over and he was able to head our way.  Once they were gone we got started on Elliot.

I'm in love with this one and his little grin.

He peed all over the blanket during this one.

Trying to get him to keep his little legs folded up to cover the goods for this one wasn't easy.  She would get him all settled and as soon as she grabbed the camera he would kick his legs out. My little exhibitionist.

Another little smirk  :)

My sweet little peanut

I had to stop and nurse him three times throughout the photo shoot, but I think we were pretty successful.  I regret not doing real newborn pictures for Andrew and had I known this photographer then I would have. This is the third time she's done photos for us and I have never been disappointed with the results.

At the end she asked if I wanted some of me with him and even though I wasn't feeling overly photogenic on only a couple hours of sleep I couldn't pass up getting some pics with my little guy:

I love this one.

I can't wait to get the rest of them. Selena will send them to me on a USB, but considering it's a holiday today there won't be any mail. Really hoping to get it tomorrow so I can see what other adorable pictures she captured.


  1. These are great! I am still debating on getting newborns for this time around. I am hoping to make it a family photo shoot too if we do.

    1. Thanks! I love them and can't wait to see the rest (still waiting on the USB with all of them). I'm hoping to do 6 month/family pics like we did with Andrew, too.

  2. aaww, these are great! I do newborn photography and families and I know how difficult it is to capture little ones. I am doing Owen's this week since I ordered props and have been waiting on them...but the darn mail has been delayed. Frame these, they are definitely gonna be special in years to come!

    1. Thank you! After our photoshoot I can see how much patience a newborn photographer needs to have!