Wednesday, September 24, 2014

13 Months

Wait, what now?  Elliot just had a birthday, how did another month already go by?  I guess that's what happens when you're busy raising two crazy boys.

Size: At his appointment at the allergy doctor two weeks ago he was just over 20 lbs and I don't trust their length measurement of 31" because I saw how inaccurate it was.

Wearing Size three diapers still and I assume he'll be in them for a while. He's pretty much in all 12 month stuff although I did put him in a 9 month outfit today and it fit just fine.  He's definitely a little smaller than Andrew was at this age.  That's ok with me - I want him to remain my little guy  :)

Milestones:  Walking all over the place.  He took his first couple unassisted steps on August 23rd, which is very funny because Andrew had also taken his first steps on August 23rd (2012), which also happens to be my sister's birthday.  He has 8 teeth now (front four on top and bottom) and at least one molar is on it's way. I can't get a good look in there, but I can feel the bump.  Elliot is getting very methodical with toys and is obsessed with putting things in boxes, cups, drawers and his clothes hamper.

Eating: He's still nursing in the morning and evening (and throughout the day on the weekends), but has started drinking more of the almond milk lately. I'm still pumping at work, but I may start phasing that out in the near future.  Some days he does great with eating table foods and other days not so much. He loves oatmeal, blueberries, grapes, french toast, mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, goldfish crackers, cheerios, and fruit pouches.  We heard back from the allergy doctor the other day and he is still showing a reaction to milk protein (which I knew) and showed a slight reaction to peanuts.  We were advised to avoid those things entirely for the next 6 months until we have his follow-up. I know he's had bits of peanut butter over the last few months and hasn't shown a reaction. Hopefully he will grow out of that one because I'd hate for him to not get to enjoy the awesomeness of peanut butter.

Sleep: He's sleeping around 10.5 hours at night. Occasionally he will get up in the middle of the night, but that's rare.  Unfortunately the kid does NOT like to sleep in like his big brother.  Andrew will sleep until 9:00 on most weekends and we have to drag him out of bed in the mornings for school. Elliot rarely sleeps past 7:00. I miss sleeping in...

Personality: He's an ornery little guy sometimes.  He is sweet and cuddly, but he is so busy exploring that he doesn't give me cuddles as often anymore.  He's in to EVERYTHING all the time. I swear you can't take your eyes off this kid for a second:

Loves: My drawers in the bathroom, his drawer of forks and spoons in the kitchen:

his big brother, any toys that he can push along the floor, and climbing everything in sight:

Hates: Getting his diaper changed, being restrained in his car seat and staying up past his bedtime.

I love that little guy more than I can put in to words.  He drives me insane sometimes, but when he sees me and his face lights up with that big goofy grin I forget all that.  He is my sweet little smoosh.

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