Thursday, September 11, 2014

Round 2 at the Allergy Doctor

This afternoon we went back to the allergist to get Elliot retested. When we went in May they did the skin test for milk protein, soy, peanut and casein.  He had a strong positive reaction to the milk protein and a milk reaction with the casein.  A week or so later I gave him peanut butter and he broke out all over in hives even though he had tested negative with the scratch test.  He has had small amounts of peanut butter since then with no reaction, but I wanted to bring it up with Dr. Streck anyway.

We got there for his 2:30 appt and got checked in.  Thankfully this time we only waited maybe 5 minutes in the waiting room before getting called back. He got weighed at 20 lbs 13 oz (fully clothed and with what appeared to be a wet diaper) and she measured him, but from looking at how she measured him I knew it was way off.  Once she was done with that stuff we were left to wait for the doctor. Elliot busied himself climbing on stuff:

And pulling stuff out of and climbing in the toy basket:

Again, thankfully the wait was short and Dr. Streck was in to see us.  She asked if we had been avoiding milk products altogether. I said that we have avoided milk, cheese and yogurt, but he had taken a drink of Andrew's milk a month or so ago and got some hives.  I told her about him reacting after having some peanut butter as well.  She was going to redo the skin test and also have the blood draw to check his levels, but since he had reacted somewhat recently to milk products she decided to forgo the skin test. It was a pretty safe bet it would be positive and she didn't want to subject him to two tests if it didn't seem necessary.

She sent in a prescription for some epi pens to have on hand just in case and put in the order for the blood work.  We headed out, making our appt for March to be rechecked in 6 months, and headed downstairs for the blood draw.  After some miscommunication about insurance and if they would cover the labs, we were back and waiting to have his blood drawn. Elliot totally charmed an older gentleman in the waiting room (he was probably early 80's) and soon we were called back.  I was anxious about how he would do with the blood draw, but he did awesome. He didn't even make a peep when they stuck him. The only fussing he did was because I had to hold his arms down and he hates to be restrained.  I was so proud of my little trooper.

It will take about a week to get the results, so hopefully by next weekend I will know how everything is looking. I'm sure his milk protein levels will be significant, but hopefully when we go back in March there will be a decrease. Until then we'll keep avoiding raw milk products and hope he grows out of this before too long.

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  1. Really hope he grows out of these allergies at some point.