Friday, August 23, 2013

The Final Countdown (39 Weeks)

Here I am - 39 weeks and STILL pregnant.  Ugh.

I know I shouldn't complain. I've had a healthy pregnancy and if he isn't ready to come then he isn't ready.  But even though I shouldn't complain I want him OUT!  

I'm cursing the fact that my doctors have gotten my hopes up with their "You probably won't make it to your next appointment" statements.  I wish they'd just said "See you next week!".  

I know I'm not due until next Friday, but if he is still hanging around he is going to be booted on Wednesday. (Which reminds me I need to call the doctor today).  I really really REALLY don't want to go through an induction. I know we could (and maybe should) let him go until he's ready, but we want him out before September 1st due to school cutoff dates (yes I know that boys mature slower and we should hold him back an extra year so he won't be the youngest in his class - I've heard it all).  

I don't know, I guess I got spoiled with Andrew's slightly early arrival and easy delivery and it got my hopes up that this would be a repeat performance.  For someone as impatient as myself this waiting game is absolute torture.  Maybe I jinxed myself by actually being prepared and packing my hospital bag ahead of time so we weren't throwing shit in a bag in the middle of the night like with Andrew.  Maybe if I go unpack it he'll decide to come out??

Ok - before I go back to bouncing on my exercise ball and break out my breast pump for another attempt at natural labor induction here is my check for this week:

How far along? 39w0d and baby is the size of a small watermelon.  He should be 7 lbs or more and maybe 19-20  inches long at this point. His brain is still rapidly developing and his fingernails are probably growing past the ends of his fingers by now.

Weight loss/gain:  36 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Obviously yes.

Labor Signs:  Some extra discharge (I know - eww!), my hips still feel like they're about to fall out of the sockets and I've been getting what could be contractions, but not regularly.

Name: No more discussions this past week. The lists will be going with us to the hospital and we will make a decision then. We both decided we can't really pick a final name until we see the kid.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty decent this week.  Of course I go to bed very anxious every night worried that my water will break in the middle of the night and I'll go into labor and we'll have to scramble to get someone here for Andrew.  Other than that I'm sleeping fine.

Best moment this week? I would say finding out that I've made more progress and getting the membrane sweep to hopefully jumpstart labor, but since there is NOTHING happening in that department....

Movement: Still moving, but it's slowing down since I assume he's running out of room in there. I've been feeling more hiccups this week from  him and they are super low. His head is WAY down there.

Food cravings:  I just can't seem to stop eating. I bought another watermelon this morning and can't wait to cut into that bad boy.

Belly button in or out?  In and it's going to stay there.

What I miss?  Being comfortable.

What I'm looking forward to?  This kid vacating the premises.

Milestones:  Still the most pregnant ever!

What I'm nervous about: That this kid is not going to go anywhere until he is evicted. I really don't want to go through an induction, but we really want  him out before the end of the month.

And this week's pictures.  Trying my hardest to get a picture where my face doesn't look so damn round:

And head on:


  1. Ok, without making you want to stab my eyeballs out...I'm going to offer up my two cents...even though I completely realize it's at the end of the list of things you want to hear ;)

    I completely respect you as a mama, person, and value our internet friendship.

    that said, please please don't force yourself into an induction - let that little guy pick his birthday. If he's not out before school cutoff, is that really the end of the world? I won't add my thoughts on being the youngest as a boy because you made it clear you've heard it.

    anyhow, I really hope you have another wonderful and smooth delivery - please let yourself relax and enjoy this last short time with just one baby and getting some sleep :) Had someone told me when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Eliot that I would be pregnant for another almost THREE weeks I wouldn't have believed them. So I completely understand how you're feeling :)

    Take care and relax! Have a teeny glass of wine and a nice bath!

  2. I would totally hold on until he comes unless you hit over 41 weeks and then have at it. Obviously not my decision but I'd wait as long as possible having gone through an induction myself after 41 weeks. And as a teacher regardless of school cutoffs I'd be holding any of my kids born so close to the cut off back a year anyway unless they were magically more mature than any other 5 year old I've ever encountered born in August/September.

  3. If you DO end up going with induction, I just wanted to try to encourage you with how mine went. At 10 days "overdue", my little guy was showing no signs of coming out, so we went ahead with a scheduled induction. I. Was. Terrified. My doctor gave me cervidil around 5 or 6 in the evening, and the next morning at 4:30 I was in labor. An epidural and a total of 10 hours following the start of those contractions, and James was out. No pitocin, no scariness. Now, of COURSE I know every woman is different, but for every scary story, there's a good one, like mine. So no matter what happens, good luck! Stick to your guns and do what's best for YOUR family :-) It's what we all have to do.