Monday, October 28, 2013

Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

For weeks Andrew has been all excited about the pumpkins that he is seeing everywhere. I kept telling him we were going to go to the pumpkin patch so Friday we decided to keep our promise and take the boys for a little afternoon outing.  Last year we went after work so we didn't have time to do anything besides walk around the pumpkin patch and take pictures.  This year we took a half day so we could get their earlier and do some of the other activities.

First up was the "hay" ride.  There was no hay to be found anywhere, but that was ok.  It took us for a loop around the plantation and Andrew was excited to see all of the displays. He kept yelling "Look at that!" every time we passed something.  It was so fun to see his excitement and watch him take everything in.

After the hayride we decided to do the corn maze.

We took one of the maps with us and set off.  Andrew was hot on his daddy's heels for most of it:

but he would sometimes run ahead trying to lead the way:

Once we made our way out of the corn maze we headed over to the petting zoo area. I had a feeling that Andrew wouldn't be overly excited about it and I wasn't wrong.  He was a little freaked out by the animals, but they spent some time in there looking at them at least. He didn't feed any of them, but at least he didn't cry:

After that we headed over and let him climb on the hay hill. There was this little girl on there that was having a blast jumping off of the top and landing in a pile at the bottom. I was kind of surprised at how cautious Andrew was being - I'm used to him being a rambunctious little kid and figured he'd be diving off of it.

There was also a giant play tower for the kids with a big slide and a rock wall. Andrew tried his hand at the rock wall and I almost died laughing at him clinging there:

By then both kddos were getting a little restless so we decided to head over to the pumpkins and make our way out.  Elliot had been snoozing in the Baby K'Tan, but he wanted out so we tried to get some pictures.  Unfortunately he did a couple face plants in the hay, but he didn't seem to mind too much.

Andrew liked the big tractor

I asked Andrew if he would sit next to his baby brother but this is as close as we got.

Love these boys!

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  1. Super cute & I love Elliot's little outfit!! Looks like you guys had a great time. =)