Friday, March 20, 2015

Visiting the Grandparents

This past weekend, after recovering from a fun round of norovirus, we headed up to Myrtle Beach to spend some time with my parents. Jonathan had a conference for work from Sunday to Tuesday so we figured we would take the opportunity to get the boys up there to see their grandparents.

My parents hadn't been down here to visit since New Years Day, so it had been a while.  Due to that Elliot was a little shy when we got there and clung to my leg until he got comfortable.  Pretty soon, though, he was running around and making me chase him all over the yard.  He was particularly interested in the ducks in the pond behind the house:

My sister and nieces showed up to hang out and have dinner for my dad's birthday.  Kayleigh was great about keeping an eye on Elliot and making sure he didn't fall in the pond:

Getting a picture of all four kids looking at the camera and seeming happy proved to be a challenge:

It was a nice day, though, and the kids enjoyed playing together since they don't see each other on a regular basis.

On Monday morning Jonathan went to his conference and I dropped my mom off at her little part time gig at the chiropractor's office.  We had some time to kill and the first thing Andrew wanted to do was feed the ducks:

He also wanted to practice riding the Dora the Explorer little trike and I was excited that he finally is getting the hang of pedaling:

That night we took my parents out to dinner to thank them for putting up with our crazy family for a few days.  Afterward they went to their Monday trivia night and we walked over to the outlets.  Andrew was excited to ride the little train ride:

Elliot wasn't impressed:

Tuesday Jonathan went to his conference and the boys and I spent some time with my mom:

We wanted to go out and do something since we hadn't done anything besides hang out at the house. So we grabbed some duck/fish food and headed for Broadway at the Beach.  We quickly found some ducks and fish to feed:

We also found a fountain and of course Andrew wanted a penny to throw into it:

We tried to get a picture of the three of us, but Andrew couldn't stop looking at the fountain and my mom is technologically challenged, so this would have to do:

On the lap back towards the car they entertained themselves chasing some ducks:

After that we rode the merry-go-round (Elliot was not happy) and then Jonathan met us since he was done with his conference.  My mom took her car and headed home and we hung out for a little longer as a family before heading back to my parents house to pack up and head back to Charleston.

It was a very nice little trip and it was nice to spend some time with my parents.  My dad thinks Elliot is a trip and he couldn't help smiling at all of the random things that Andrew says.  I'm happy that they got some time with their grandparents and it was nice to get a little break from grind at home.

Next up, a trip to the mountains in a few weeks.  Can't wait!

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