Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sister the Psychic

Last night I was sitting here watching a movie and I texted my sister to ask her a question.  I thought I saw one of her former colleagues as an extra and I wanted to verify that it was him.  This is the response I got from her:

'Yes. Did you see him? I had another dream about you last night. Are you pregnant?'

She had a dream earlier in the week that I was trying to repair the ice maker on our fridge and got electrocuted (that didn't happen, by the way).

Luckily it was over text message so I was able to respond and say 'Not yet' and not get busted.  If it had been face to face there is no way I would have been able to not fess up.  I really wanted to tell her, but I'm only 7 weeks and still feel like it's too early.  Especially since I keep seeing all these women who have a miscarriage at 8, 9, or even 12 weeks. I couldn't deal with having to un-tell everyone about this pregnancy if god forbid something horrible happens.

So, I will continue to bite my tongue for at least another 5 weeks.  Maybe once we see the heartbeat on 8/31 I will relax a little. But for right now I am still guarding our big secret.

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  1. My sister knew too! She asked me to my face & I cracked a smile. I'm 6 weeks today & only my husband & sister know. Sisters have a sixth sense!!