Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 Weeks (and a few days)

Yeah, with the holiday on Monday I didn't get around to my weekly check.  Not that there is really anything going on since it's still so early, but I guess I'll continue for consistency...

How far along? 8w2d - it's the size of a raspberry and starting to form taste buds.  Weird.

Weight loss/gain:  Still fluctuating like crazy, but I'll say it's around the 2 lb mark.

Maternity clothes: Heck no!  I won't be in those for quite some time..

Symptoms:  Very dry skin (but that might be due to the weather), sporadic nausea and the inability to poop.

Sleep: Getting a little better, but I wake up pretty much every night between midnight and 1:00 AM to pee and normally feel really nauseated when I climb back in bed. Once it passes I fall back to sleep.

Best moment this week? Nothing related to this baby yet.

Movement: Not for a while.

Food cravings:  Nada

Belly button in or out?  In (hopefully for the long haul).

What I miss?  Regularity and sleeping the whole night through.

What I'm looking forward to?  The u/s next Tuesday when we can finally see what's in there.

Milestones:  Nothing yet.

What I'm nervous about:  Scared shitless that we will go to the appt next week and find out there is more than one in there.  I don't know why I keep worrying about it since I doubt it will happen.

Obviously there is still nothing to see, but here I am anyway (from yesterday):


  1. Cute sweater! You're still like the tiniest person ever :)

    1. Aw thanks :)
      By the afternoon when the bloat is in full force I don't look anywhere near tiny (and I most definitely don't feel like it!)

  2. I'm 10 weeks today and have been feeling baby move since 9 weeks. And it isn't gas. I felt my first at 10 weeks so I guess I just do early. I'm sure if there were two babies in there you would be really really sick (my mom had twins), so rest assured, you're probably fine:)I am also already showing and in some stretchy pants :/