Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Party and the Park

This past weekend we had to head to Myrtle Beach for my nieces' birthday party  (Kayleigh turned 5 yesterday and Kendall turned 3 on Dec 15th).  I was less than thrilled with the 10:00 AM start time for the party considering I had a 2 hour drive to get there, but I sucked it up and the munchkin and I hit the road at 8:00 AM. We got there at about 9:50 and walked in. I had thought there was going to be jump castles based on what my sister had told me, but there weren't. Just a climbing/play area that was too big for him. Awesome.

Even more awesome was the fact that lunch was served at 10:30.  WTF?  Who eats lunch that early?  On weekends my kid normally doesn't finish breakfast until 9:00.  Anyway, I was happy that he actually ate some pizza and then polished off a cupcake (even though it looked like he was making out with it instead of eating it).

After lunch we headed back out to play games and win tickets.  Andrew had a blast dancing on the "Dance Dance Revolution" game, even if he wasn't actually playing:

He cheated a little as skeeball:

Actually he wasn't helping me cheat since he kept throwing my balls in the 0 point score hole. I guess his little arms couldn't reach high enough under the cage to get me some good numbers.

He was NOT a fan of the merry-go-round that they had, though:

Yes, I'm mean and left him on there for the entire song.  Later my sister put him on it again and he didn't cry. I guess he just wasn't in the mood when I put him on it.

We played games until we spent all the money on the game card and then picked out some junk with our tickets and headed out.  My sister gave Andrew a chocolate covered pretzel and I figured he would eat it while we drove to my parents' house.  Wrong.  He apparently held it in his hot little hand and rubbed the melted chocolate all over his face and his jeans - never even eating the pretzel (and he LOVES pretzels).

Needless to say he got a scrubdown and an outfit change as soon as we got to their house.

We hung out with my parents and enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather (mid 70's) until we headed home at 3:30.  It was a very long day and I was exhausted by the time we got home at 5:30. Oh, and no, I did not tell my parents our big news. I am not comfortable telling anyone (except my internet peeps) until at least after the first u/s in two weeks.

Sunday Andrew did us a favor ans slept until 8:30.  We got up and made some waffles for breakfast and enjoyed a little lazy family time.  My friend, Haley, called to see what we were up to that day and invited us to a little picnic at James Island County Park. I hadn't seen her in a while and an afternoon at the park sounded like fun, so we headed over at noon. Andrew loved the playground:

I had to drag him away at 2:00 so we could head home for his nap. I think he would have played all day if I let him.

All in all it was a fantastic and way too fast weekend with my little munchkin. I'm trying to savor every single day that we have with him as an only child because I know things are doing to change drastically in another 8 months or so.  For right now it's just us and I'm loving (almost) every second of it!


  1. LOL that chocolate face is adorable! You look so pretty in that pic! :)

    1. Thankfully most of the chocolate has come out of everything :)

      And thank you! I always wonder if people think I'm the nanny when I'm out with him since he looks nothing like me with that blond hair and those blue eyes.

    2. LOL. I wonder all the time what people think of J-with his tan skin and dark hair and eyes, when he's out with G-blond, pale skinned, and blue eyed. Funny ol' genetics!

    3. I still can't believe that we ended up with a blond haired blue eyed kid since neither of us have light hair or eyes. Genetics are weird!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I try to capitalize off of his cuteness as much as possible ;)

  3. Sorry the weekend started off iffy but glad it turned out great!!!

    1. Yeah, it only started out iffy because I was peeved about the early start time and it screwing up one of my two days that I actually get to sleep past 6:00. Other than that it was all good :)