Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So it may be getting close to that time.  The time to start thinking about getting this little munchkin out of diapers before 2.0 comes along.

To say I have no idea where to start is pretty much the understatement of the year.  I haven't really read up on it much and have kind of been hoping that daycare will magically get him to go on a potty.  They work with the kids starting around age 2.  It has been my hope that him watching Gavin would inspire him to start using the potty.  Unfortunately Gavin will be leaving daycare as of Feb 1st so he doesn't have much more time to watch and learn.

Lately he has been starting to let us know when he poops (sometimes).  If we ask him if he pooped we get an "I poot!" from him and he grabs at his butt.  When I change his wet diaper he says "Pee pot" (I call him a pee pot sometimes) and he says "Potty".

This past weekend I dragged out the potty that my sister handed down to us.  I did a thorough cleaning of it and set it in the bathroom where he takes hi baths.  He immediately became interested in it and started opening and closing the lid, then doing some acrobatics to sit on it instead of his normal back up and plop down technique. I tell him that is the potty and that is where he can poop.  He has no interest in using it for it's intended purpose at the moment and is more interested in taking it apart and putting it back together:

He likes to drag it out into the hallway to investigate it.  Every once in a while he will sit on it for a few seconds at a time:

We haven't set his bare little butt on the potty yet, though.  Right now I just want to get him used to it and see where it goes.

One thing he does love about it is the fact that the lid flips down and basically turns it into a little step stool.  He loves to stand on it when we brush his teeth so he can look at himself in the mirror.  He'll step down and then pop back up and laugh at himself when his little head pops in to view.  It cracks me up every time.

So yeah - that's where we are as far as starting with the potty training. I had intended to start on it over the holidays when we had him home for longer periods of time, but I kind of spaced on it and we didn't get around to it.

 I'm trying to follow his lead and not force anything on him.  If anyone out there has any tips for starting potty training with a little boy I am all ears (eyes).  Any advice is welcome  :)


  1. ha! i'm no potty expert (we've been really relaxed about the whole thing and I'll admit I've done zero research). but Liam has always been interested in the regular potty, he loves to flush and wash his hands, so I got this potty seat:
    Instead of introducing a teeny potty. He LOVES his potty seat. He sets it up himself and peed on it the first time he sat on it. The only downside is it doesn't have the little pee flap so we have to be diligent to shoot his little penis down or the floor gets a shower.
    We've probably been too lazy about it - I haven't had time to devote to getting him 100% going on the potty. but sometimes he'll tell us when he has to go and we run to the potty. Other times, we catch him in his poop corner and ask him if he wants to sit on the potty.

    Not sure if any of that is helpful. best of luck to you :) Please share if you find anything works for you guys. Also, I got some really lame potty books that we read. OH! and Liam LOVES showing his little figures how he can potty - that sounds so strange, but we have to take his elmo figures to the potty to watch him. My kid is a weirdo.

    1. I need to look into getting one of those potty seats. I think that is what daycare has and it would be good to be consistent. She says they work with the boys on holding down their little penis so they don't spray everywhere :)

  2. We've started with Els. I did zero research. When she turns 22 months {feb 1st} I think I might take two or three days off of work and potty train her. She's ready. She stays dry all morning long.

    Here is my plan.

    I'm going to have her put all of her diapers into a bin that I will move into the garage. Then it's on with the panties and a t-shirt. Nothing else. Then I'm going to stare at her for three days. We are going to play the "keep our panties" dry game. I'm going to try and get her to check her panties. I want to make her as involved as possible. And when she goes on the potty {even if she starts not on the potty} she gets an M&M.

    1. I'm kicking myself for not taking the time when we had him 5 days straight last month with the holidays. And bribing with M&Ms is probably going to be part of our plan, too :)

  3. No tips here but I plan to start with Leland once he turns two in April. Or if he starts to show some interest sooner.

  4. I really need to get on this too -- Evie is interested. Mommy is terrified!

    1. Yeah, I have no idea how to even start. Andrew loves the potty, but not so much for it's intended purpose.