Monday, January 28, 2013

9 Weeks - We Have a Fetus!

We've made it to 9 weeks so far and this little being has officially graduated to fetushood.  I'm still feeling kind of disconnected from this pregnancy, but maybe that will all change tomorrow.  I hope so because the guilt of not having the same excitement I had at this point with Andrew is getting to me.

How far along? 9w0d - it's the size of an olive and developing more distinct facial features.

Weight loss/gain:  No idea. I didn't bother to weigh myself this morning because I am so freaking backed up that I know it wouldn't be a real measurement.

Maternity clothes: Nah - those are still in boxes. I'll dig them out in another month or so.

Symptoms:  I wish I could poop  :(

Sex (of baby):  Yes, we will be finding out.  We are impatient and want to know. It'll be another 10 weeks or so until we know, but I'm guessing 'boy' for now.

Sleep: Sleeping fine, but waking up at least once a night to pee.  I'm in a no win situation - I need to drink more to try to help with my awful bowels, but then I pee all the time.  Sigh.

Best moment this week? Nothing from this past week, but tomorrow should be good as long as we see a nice little heartbeat on the u/s.

Movement: No and I don't anticipate any for probably another 2 months.

Food cravings:  Nada

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Having more energy. I really need to step it up with going to the gym since that gives me more energy.

What I'm looking forward to?  The first appt (FINALLY!) tomorrow and seeing what's going on in my ute.

Milestones:  Does fetushood count?

What I'm nervous about:  That tomorrow won't bring good news. I have no reason to think that anything is wrong, but I tend to worry anyway.

Nothing to see here, but I'll show off my pale bloatedness anyway since I know it's so attractive  :)

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  1. have fun seeing that little babe tomorrow :)

    I'm guessing girl already! oh, and don't let yourself feel guilty for this pregnancy not being the same as the first - I think it's only natural for it to be a lot less spectacular - still the same love, just not all the firsts that made our last pregnancies so exciting.