Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have a new obsession.  And it's name is ball.

Every morning when we leave to go to daycare as soon as I open the front door Andrew exclaims "Ball!" and toddles on over to his little dump truck on the porch.  In the back of the dump truck is an assortment of dog toys (yeah, I know, bad place to put them). He picks up one of them, turns to me and gives me this huge grin and yells "Ball!".

More often than not whatever ball it is stays firmly clenched in his hands all the way down the steps, into his car seat and all the way to daycare.  Most of the time I am able to distract him while getting him out of his car seat and get it out of his hands. On these days I am able to leave the ball in the car. On the other days he keeps that ball all they way into daycare.  Fortunately Marc is good at pulling the switcheroo and gives him another toy so I can get the ball and take it with me.

I know what you're probably thinking. "She lets her kid play with dog toys?!"  Umm, yeah. I do.  I make sure he doesn't lick them or anything, but what can I say, the kid loves balls  :)


  1. Take him to Target. Great fun! Elisabeth starts yelling "Ball!" while still in the car when we pull up.

    1. We went to Target yesterday and as soon as he saw the big red balls in front he started yelling "Ball!". It made me think of you and Elisabeth :)