Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goodbye Gummy Grin and Hello Pearly Whites

Last Thursday I got a text from Andrea telling us that she could see the bottom two teeth coming but they hadn't pushed through.  I instantly felt a little pang of sadness.  I'm not really sure why.  I guess it's because I love a baby with a gummy little smile and since this is the last gummy smile I wanted it to last.

I looked back to see when Andrew got his first tooth and it appears that it was when he was 6.5 months.  So that means that Elliot went more than a month longer with no teeth.

Thursday night I looked in  his mouth and I could see that Andrea was right.  I could see the bumps and the little white spots on his bottom gums.  The next day when he was laughing and shouting I got another look in there and could see that he also has the little bumps on the top that mean his top teeth are on the way, too.

He hadn't been too overly cranky, but he did hesitate at the bottle a little while my mom was here.  Based on what others have said that can be a sign of a teething baby, too.  Andrew never really gave us any signs of teething - he never got overly cranky and was always a drool machine, teeth or not.  Elliot is a whole other person, though (as we've learned over and over again).  He hasn't been exceptionally drooly, but he has gotten a little fussy.  He also got a pretty bad diaper rash the day before Andrea pointed out the coming teeth.

We've been trying to give him a dose of Tylenol at night before bed to help with the crankiness, but Elliot isn't a fan of medicine (another difference between the two - Andrew LOVED it). His nighttime sleep hasn't been too bad, but he hasn't been napping much.    Yesterday I stuck a finger in his mouth to check the progress and felt it - a sharp little edge on his bottom gums.  It's official, there's not going back now.  My littlest love no longer a member of the toothless club.  I'll have to soak up all the gummy grins that I can while they last.

I love this little cutie!

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