Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Smarty Pants

Last night Elliot got me up at 12:45 to eat. He hasn't been eating in the middle of the night much lately, but he has a cold so I knew he probably wouldn't sleep through the night.  I fed him and had him back in the crib around 1:00,  hoping that he would make it until my alarm went off at 5:50.  I didn't hear him again until my alarm went off. When it did I glanced at the monitor expecting to see him sleeping, but instead saw this:

My little guy was awake, but not fussing.  He was laying there playing with his crib soother - watching the swinging monkey and listening to the music.  He lay there watching it until it turned off and then put his head down and fell back to sleep until I was done getting ready for work.

What can I say?  I'm just a proud mommy who thinks her baby is a genius for figuring out how to turn on his own toy to entertain himself.  My little smarty pants  :)

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