Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

I can't believe it has already been two years since this little guy came into our lives.

It seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital staring in wonder at this little face:

The past two years have been more amazing than I ever could have imagined.  Watching Andrew grow and develop his little personality has been awesome.  Of course there have been frustrations and tears along the way, but I wouldn't trade a single second with him for anything.

I know in 5 or so months everything will change. He will no longer be our baby - our only child.  He'll have to share with his little sibling and grow into his role as big brother.  Right now, though, I'm going to let him enjoy having our undivided attention.  I'm going to take the time to savor every second with him.  I want to remember this time when it's just us before the chaos of a family of four hits.

Happy birthday, Andrew. I love you more than words can say.


  1. Happy birthday, Andrew! I hope its an awesome day.

  2. Aaaw, Happy Birthday little guy! It should make you feel better that even though my son is well past two and a half he still feels little and like my baby. So even though they get bigger, they still want you so much!