Thursday, March 28, 2013

"He's Awesome." (Two Year Well Check)

Those were the words that Andrew's pedi used to describe him yesterday at his two year well check.  I tend to agree  :)

"Who me?  Yeah, I'm awesome."

This year I was at least smart enough to not schedule his well check (and shots) ON his actual birthday.  What was I thinking last year?

Anyway, we got there and I got us checked in as Andrew walked around with his Leapfrog laptop (birthday present) and pointed out the colored circles on the wall.  He was a happy little guy until we walked back and the nurse was trying to get his height. He did not want to stand under the thing and he was less happy when another nurse held his head up since he was squishing down.  Then we walked over to the scale and I had to kind of hold him so he wouldn't hop off.  But we got his measurements:

Height - 35"
Weight - 29.5 lbs

My little munchkin is growing!

We went into the exam room and the nurse was trying to get his temperature (under his arm).  He wasn't having it. I had to hold him and hold his arms down to keep it in there. Then she tried to put the pulse thing on his finger. He wasn't amused.  I got it on there and he fussed, but we got everything done.  The nurse left and I put him down.  After a minute he was perfectly fine.  It was like as soon as the nurse was gone he was calm.  Something tells me he is now aware that the nurse is the one that sticks needles in him.

We waited in the exam room for a about 10 minutes, playing with the toys we brought and reading the books in the bin in there.  He was contentedly sitting in my lap pointing out all the animals in the farm book and moo-ing and baa-ing and quacking when Dr. Graham walked in.  I set him on the ground and he looked at Dr. Graham a little warily.  We sat there discussing him and talking about everything that he's doing now. After a few minutes Andrew stopped being so shy and began dancing around the room, bringing me things and asking me to hold them.  When Dr. Graham got out the stethoscope to listen to his heart Andrew stood there and let him, but kind of gave him the side-eye.  When he was done Andrew came running over to me.  Dr. Graham was very pleased with that and said that is exactly what he expects.  Andrew let him look in his eyes and ears, check out his belly and look in his diaper.  All good.

We sat around and chatted a little more. I told him that Andrew will have a little sibling in about 5 months and I stress about how that will go.  He seems to think that Andrew will be at a good age for adjustment when the baby comes and in his experience he said that boys 3 and over seem to have a harder time adjusting.  I guess we'll see.

Before he left he told me again "He's awesome.".  I smiled.  He said he is definitely all boy and he is perfect.  I love hearing that.

A minute or two later the nurse came in to give him his one shot.  As soon as I sat him on the exam table he started to freak. He knew what was coming.  The nurse was quick and got it done.  Andrew melted down some and it took a few minutes to get him calm, but once we walked out of the exam room he was his usual self.

So all in all my little munchkin is a fantastic little kid and right on track with everything.  I'm one happy mommy.

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