Friday, March 8, 2013

How Is That Comfortable? And 15 Weeks

Last month Andrea sent J and I an email asking if we would be ok with them transitioning Andrew to napping on a mat instead of in the pack n play.  We said "Sure"  and "Good luck!".  I anticipated it being a train wreck and figured there is no way he would actually sleep since he would be in the playroom instead of the dark room that the other kids nap in.  I kind of thought that he would just sit there and play instead of napping, especially based on his antics when we put him in his crib.

Well, we were wrong.

It turns out that he has done great with it.  There have even been days, like yesterday, where he was still napping when I got there to pick him up.  I'm so happy that he transitioned well, but it amazes me that he can actually sleep, based on how he's doing it.  I walked in yesterday to wake him up and saw this:

He has his nap mat, a little pillow and a stuffed duck (yep, they have a duck for him there, too) but he lays perpendicular to his little mat, mostly on the hardwood floor.  How can that be comfortable??  He's napping just fine like that so I'm not worried, I just think it's really weird.  Then again, he's a weird kid  :)

Anyway, on to this week:

How far along? 15w0d and the size of a navel orange.  ~ 4 inches and 2.5 ounces.  Munchkin 2.0 might even be having hiccups in there at this point.  Andrew had them a LOT while he was in there and I wonder if this one will, too.

Weight loss/gain:  +8 lbs this morning. Ugh.  I take small consolation in the fact that a few pounds of that has to be in my bra. According to the one pregnancy app I have on my phone I should be up around 5 lbs right now.  Yeah, screw you Sprout.

Maternity clothes: Still no.  I'm going to need to drag out my box of maternity clothes and go through and see what will work for this summer, though.

Symptoms:  What I would give to be regular...

Sex (of baby):  Our pictures are 2 weeks from tomorrow - so excited!

Sleep: I'll admit that benedryl has been taken once or twice this week.  For the most part I sleep ok, I just wake up a bunch to pee even though I don't really have to go that much. It's my damn distended colon pressing on my bladder that makes me feel like I always have to go.

Best moment this week? Honestly, nothing much happened this week.  We did get the bedding in for Andrew's new room and I'm pretty pumped about decorating his new room.

Movement: Nope.  There have been a few times that I've wondered if I felt something, but I think it's in my head.  I won't count it until it is definitive movement.

Food cravings:  No one thing in particular, I just always feel hungry

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Not feeling like I have a bowling ball in my colon.

What I'm looking forward to?  Our pictures in two weeks.

Milestones:  Nothing this week.  I hit 15 weeks so I'm 3/8 through this pregnancy, that's about it.

What I'm nervous about:  Honestly? The weight gain.  As someone who dealt with an eating disorder for a long time I have a very hard time dealing with seeing the number on the scale rise.  It seems to be rising more quickly this go 'round and it scares me.

Still just doughy:


  1. Sweetheart you need to stop weighing yourself. You look fantastic and I can't even tell that you are 15 weeks pregnant.

    1. I know. I'm actually doing better about it this time around. When I was pregnant with Andrew I weighed myself every single morning. I'm only doing it once or twice a week now (if that). I just feel so blah right now - I'd rather look pregnant than just a little poofy. I know it's coming, I just have a hard time at this stage.

  2. One, I hope you feel better from your cold right now. And two, when I was pregnant with James, I had a horrible time with the weight gain too. I never had a full on eating disorder, but I have toed the line of that and exercise addiction. Its a slippery slope, and I KNOW what its like to have your mind so consumed with every food particle you are putting in your body. Its terrible. Words from others don't usually help, but I hope you can take comfort knowing that you are NOT alone in these feelings and that they are valid. People tend to think that just because we're thin and in shape that we lose some right to have these feelings, but we don't. If you ever need an ear from someone who does understand, feel free to message me :-). And try to look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are so beautiful, and you are worth so much more than those crappy feelings :)

  3. If you feel bad about your 8lbs then you would panic over my 14! I think you are right on track. Baby knows what it needs:) You still look great!