Monday, August 25, 2014

Elliot is One!

Cue the tears...

I cannot believe my little squish is already one year old.  I mean, that can't be right. He just got here, didn't he??

To celebrate we had a little party at our house on Saturday.  Unfortunately it was hot as hell outside so we didn't get to spend too much time out in the yard (even thought we spent hours putting the swing set together):

It wasn't done yet - we still needed the roof on the fort and the walls and door on the bottom,  but that was as much as we got done in two days and it was usable.

The "theme" for the party was whales since I had that cute whale outfit for Elliot and the whale invitations.  I made his cake Friday night:

And some whale cookies:

I didn't go over the top with decorations or anything, but I had a few things out:

We did a simple menu of pulled pork (J smoked it overnight Friday night and it was delicious), coleslaw, pasta salad and fruit salad.  We had sodas, beer and capri-sun's for drinks and the cake and cookies for desserts.  After everyone ate we did the pinata:

The kids didn't really get the concept, but they enjoyed it.

Then it was time for cake:

He went to town with it.  In hindsight the blue might not have been the best idea, but he loved it.  He even shared with his aunt Nicole since the party was on her birthday:

We did presents after I hosed him down to clean him up.  He wasn't overly interested in opening anything, but he liked playing with the toys once they were unwrapped:

All in all it was a good party I think Elliot enjoyed it even though I know he won't remember it.

Yesterday for his actual birthday we went out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Elliot had an appetizer of Cheerios while we waited for food:

We all ate breakfast and then the boys enjoyed rocking in the chairs outside the restaurant:

We went home so Elliot could take a nap and while he was down we worked on finishing up the swing set:

Elliot woke up so I took him out so he could play while we finished up. He quickly went to work giving me a heart attack:

Every time I put him back on the ground he went right back to climbing to the top.  He rolled down by himself a couple times and cracked up every time. This kid is going to be the death of me.

Finally, I almost forgot to get his 12 month picture and had to try to get it before bed. These things are seriously almost impossible to take:

So there you have it. My squishy little baby is technically no longer a baby.  Hold me...

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  1. Aaaw how sweet! Love his cake! Having a swing set is the best. We have one and feel like never leaving! You did a great job on his party! Can't believe our babies are both 1! Time flies :(