Thursday, August 14, 2014

Splash Day!

Yesterday the waterfront park by us hosted a special event - Splash Back to School.  J had seen a link for the previous one posted on facebook last week and sent it to me. When I saw that they were doing another one I sent it to Andrea to see if she would be interested in taking the boys to it with me.  I feel like I miss out on doing so many of the fun events because they typically take place during the day and that's when I'm at work.  So I decided that I would work from home and just take a long lunch so we could go to it.

Yesterday I dropped the boys off at Andrea's in the morning with their swim suits and told her to let me know when Elliot was up from his morning nap and I'd head over to pick them all up.  The event was from 10-2 so I figured even if he took a long nap we'd still make it to some of it.  At 10:45 I got the text that he was awake so I packed up some towels, grabbed the camera and headed over.  When we got there the parking lot was pretty full (that's what happens when something is free!) but we found a spot and headed over to the park.

When we got over to the lawn we saw that they had about a dozen huge inflatable water slides set up.  Some were pretty big and I was worried that Andrew would be too intimidated to go on them. We went to one of the smaller ones first.  He was a little apprehensive when waiting in line:

I was pleasantly surprised when he climbed all the way up by himself:

And headed down on his own:

He seemed to like it so we headed over to the next one that had a jump castle attached to the slide. He got up in there after waiting in line and kind of just stood there for a while:

Eventually he went up the ladder to the slide and went down:

We decided to explore and see what other slides were there.  We went to this bigger one and I was excited when he again did it all by himself:

When he got done there we saw that they were spraying water from a fire hose on a crane. I'm an idiot and didn't have a swimsuit on,  but Andrea did so she walked out into the water with Andrew:

Once he understood that he was supposed to be running around in it he started having a blat:

Elliot just had to sit and take it all in:

I tried to keep him from getting run over by all of the rambunctious kids.  He didn't get trampled so I guess I did ok.

They turned the water off after a little while - I guess so they wouldn't flood the lawn - so we headed to another slide.  Waiting in line took a little while, but Andrew loved the slide:

I was texting J some pictures while we were there. He asked if Andrew had done the big 27 foot slide:

He hadn't yet and I was thinking he wouldn't want to, but when I asked if he wanted to go on that one he shouted "Yes!".  So we went and waited in that line. I had to keep reminding him to move forward because the bigger kids in line behind him kept trying to cut in front of him. While we were waiting Elliot started to fuss so I had to break it to Andrew that this would be the last slide.  Finally it was his turn and he started the climb to the top. I got out the camera and headed to the end so I could get some pictures. That's when I noticed that he was still sitting at the top of the ladder. I was afraid that meant I was going to have to climb up there to get him, but then someone said "He's going!".  So I ran to the end to get some pictures:

Right when he got off the slide they fired up the fire hose again so I let him run over to play for just a few more minutes before it was time to head out. I think running around in that water was his favorite thing of the day:

Andrea rounded him up and we headed for the parking lot. Andrew was bummed that we had to leave, but Elliot was on the verge of losing it and it was 12:30 so it was time for lunch.  I dropped them all back off at Andrea's and headed back home to get back to work.  I had to work a little later to make up for the long lunch, but it was so worth it to get to see the look of joy on Andrew's face.  I hate that I miss out on so much by being a working mom, but I'm grateful that I work for an understanding boss who lets me work flexible hours when need be so I can do some of the fun stuff.

All in all it was a fun little afternoon and I look forward to the next fun little event. I guess I need to keep my eyes peeled to see what else is coming up in the future.

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