Friday, August 1, 2014

Is It Really Time For This??

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???  That can't be right, can it?  Didn't we just bring him home from the hospital??

It is mind blowing that it's already been over 11 months. And that he will be one in just 23 days.  It's all gone by so fast.

We were debating on if we were going to have an actual party for him and I felt like we really need to since we had one for Andrew.  I bought the outfit shown above for his one year photos and then found those invitations with the cute whale, so it looks like that is going to be our theme.  I have been looking at whale cakes on Pinterest and depending on how ambitious I'm feeling I could  go with one of these:

I also found some cute decorations online with a whale/octopus theme.  I'm not sure how much we're going to do, but this is what I'm looking at:

We'll just be doing a casual backyard barbecue. We'll set up the jump castle for Andrew and any older kids and hopefully by then we'll have the swingset set up.  Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates so we don't have to do everything in the house.  It's not going to be a huge thing, mainly just family, but we'll invite a few close friends and their kids.

The week leading up to his birthday our daycare is closed and I'm thinking of taking that Thursday and Friday off to prepare. I'll need the extra time if I'm going to make that cake!

So yeah. My baby is turning one (cue the tears).  It's all just going so fast...


  1. I love the whales! That's going to be adorable. And waahhhhhh he can't be turning ONE! Weren't we just visiting like last month when I got to squish him as a little guy??

    1. I know! When I think about him turning one in less than three weeks I want to cry.While I don't miss the constant wake-ups from the newborn time I really really miss the squishy little baby snuggles. How is he going to be a toddler soon???