Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's a...

Yep - Andrew is going to have a little brother  :)

Thank you to the amazing Selena Stoney for getting some great pictures for us yesterday morning and especially for getting me the edited reveal pics last night so I had them today to finally announce my pregnancy to my family.

The shoot started out a little rocky with Andrew melting down a bit (we had a rough night Thursday night and were all kind of tired).  Luckily I had some fruit snacks to placate him.  The expression on his face in the above picture is due to him chewing one and you'll notice if you look closely that he's holding one in each hand as well.

Selena was awesome, though, and ended up getting some great shots.  I can't wait to see the rest of them when she gets them completed.

Oh, and my family was not upset about not finding out til now and my mom is super excited about another grandchild.

Here are a few more of our reveal pics:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

"He's Awesome." (Two Year Well Check)

Those were the words that Andrew's pedi used to describe him yesterday at his two year well check.  I tend to agree  :)

"Who me?  Yeah, I'm awesome."

This year I was at least smart enough to not schedule his well check (and shots) ON his actual birthday.  What was I thinking last year?

Anyway, we got there and I got us checked in as Andrew walked around with his Leapfrog laptop (birthday present) and pointed out the colored circles on the wall.  He was a happy little guy until we walked back and the nurse was trying to get his height. He did not want to stand under the thing and he was less happy when another nurse held his head up since he was squishing down.  Then we walked over to the scale and I had to kind of hold him so he wouldn't hop off.  But we got his measurements:

Height - 35"
Weight - 29.5 lbs

My little munchkin is growing!

We went into the exam room and the nurse was trying to get his temperature (under his arm).  He wasn't having it. I had to hold him and hold his arms down to keep it in there. Then she tried to put the pulse thing on his finger. He wasn't amused.  I got it on there and he fussed, but we got everything done.  The nurse left and I put him down.  After a minute he was perfectly fine.  It was like as soon as the nurse was gone he was calm.  Something tells me he is now aware that the nurse is the one that sticks needles in him.

We waited in the exam room for a about 10 minutes, playing with the toys we brought and reading the books in the bin in there.  He was contentedly sitting in my lap pointing out all the animals in the farm book and moo-ing and baa-ing and quacking when Dr. Graham walked in.  I set him on the ground and he looked at Dr. Graham a little warily.  We sat there discussing him and talking about everything that he's doing now. After a few minutes Andrew stopped being so shy and began dancing around the room, bringing me things and asking me to hold them.  When Dr. Graham got out the stethoscope to listen to his heart Andrew stood there and let him, but kind of gave him the side-eye.  When he was done Andrew came running over to me.  Dr. Graham was very pleased with that and said that is exactly what he expects.  Andrew let him look in his eyes and ears, check out his belly and look in his diaper.  All good.

We sat around and chatted a little more. I told him that Andrew will have a little sibling in about 5 months and I stress about how that will go.  He seems to think that Andrew will be at a good age for adjustment when the baby comes and in his experience he said that boys 3 and over seem to have a harder time adjusting.  I guess we'll see.

Before he left he told me again "He's awesome.".  I smiled.  He said he is definitely all boy and he is perfect.  I love hearing that.

A minute or two later the nurse came in to give him his one shot.  As soon as I sat him on the exam table he started to freak. He knew what was coming.  The nurse was quick and got it done.  Andrew melted down some and it took a few minutes to get him calm, but once we walked out of the exam room he was his usual self.

So all in all my little munchkin is a fantastic little kid and right on track with everything.  I'm one happy mommy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

I can't believe it has already been two years since this little guy came into our lives.

It seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital staring in wonder at this little face:

The past two years have been more amazing than I ever could have imagined.  Watching Andrew grow and develop his little personality has been awesome.  Of course there have been frustrations and tears along the way, but I wouldn't trade a single second with him for anything.

I know in 5 or so months everything will change. He will no longer be our baby - our only child.  He'll have to share with his little sibling and grow into his role as big brother.  Right now, though, I'm going to let him enjoy having our undivided attention.  I'm going to take the time to savor every second with him.  I want to remember this time when it's just us before the chaos of a family of four hits.

Happy birthday, Andrew. I love you more than words can say.

Monday, March 25, 2013

On Second Thought, Thank You Mother Nature

On Friday I was complaining about our family pictures having to be delayed until this week because of the craptastic forecast.  It turns out that it was a blessing in disguise.

On Friday when I was mid run at the gym my phone rang. It was Andrea calling to tell me that Andrew had started throwing up.  It was 5:13 so I called J to make sure he was on his way there to get him. He was so I went back to my run (judge away but that was the only day I could get in a long workout all week).  When I got home Andrew was on the couch with towels under him.  I asked J how he was doing and he told me he'd thrown up two times since he'd been home.  Between puking he was jumping up and down on the couch acting like he was totally fine.

Over the next 4 hours he proceeded to throw up a dozen more times - pretty much every 20 mins.  He was no longer acting fine between bouts of sickness, though.  At this point he was laying with his head in my lap looking sad:

I was stroking his forehead and just hoping he would fall asleep and that would be the end of it.  He would fall asleep, but after 20 or so minutes he would wake up, cry and puke.  Ugh.  We gave him a quick bath and I cuddled him for a while.  We put some towels down in his crib in case he got sick at night and put him to bed around 10:00.  He slept a while until waking up crying at 11:30.  I rocked him for a little while and got him back to bed, where he slept the rest of the night until 6:30 Saturday morning.

He seemed to be getting back to his old self on Saturday morning so I thought it was over.

That is until I found him curled up on the recliner in his room at 11:00.  I thought maybe he was just ready for a nap so I rocked him a bit and put him down.  While he was napping for three hours J and I laid the sod in the back yard.  When he woke up at 3:00 I went in to get him and was upset to see that he was all flushed and he was hot to the touch.  I took his temperature and he had a fever of 102.  Damn.

We spent the evening alternating doses of Tylenol and ibuprofen to bring his fever down.  Andrew ate a little, but not much. And he never pooped all day even though he was the gassiest kid alive that day.  I kept checking him because I couldn't believe that that stink was just gas.  I gave him a bath and he kind of freaked me out with his vacant stare and he started shaking halfway through. I hurried up and got him rinsed and bundled up in his towel and just rocked him in the recliner for a few minutes.  My poor little munchkin was so sad and it just broke my heart.  I hate seeing him that way.

Sunday morning he got me up a little after 7:00. I rocked him for a while thinking maybe he'd fall back to sleep. No dice - he was up.  I was thrilled when he ate a little breakfast, but he was still cranky.  I could tell he still wasn't feeling well because he actually sat still with me on the couch. Normally he doesn't last more than a few seconds:

Thankfully around noon he seemed to be back to his normal self.  He still wasn't eating all that much, but he was drinking and snacking (some).  Last night he was refusing to go to bed - I think because he felt better and wanted to play - and this morning he is back.  He's currently back at daycare and I am working from home because I am freaking exhausted from dealing with a sick toddler all weekend.  I guess on the plus side I didn't have to use any PTO...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Damn You, Mother Nature - and 17 Weeks

So yeah, our pictures that were supposed to be tomorrow that I was so looking forward to aren't happening.  Because of this:

That lovely 40% chance of rain tomorrow (which is actually down from the 60% it was yesterday). From the sound of the weather report this morning it's going to be rainy and gross for the morning and early afternoon. That means our 10:00 AM pictures had to be rescheduled.  We moved them to next Friday since we will both be off for Good Friday (well, J is off, I am taking PTO).  So now I am watching the forecast for next Friday and Saturday like a hawk.  So far so good.

Oh, and I'm supposed to go to a bachelorette party tomorrow night, which is starting with a sunset sail on a sailboat.  Yeah, that's gonna be fun in the cold damp air.  With non-refundable $48 tickets already purchased.  And I can't even get boozed up to make it more fun.  Oh well, at least I have an out for not partying all night and I don't have to worry about being hungover the next day.

So that's that - on to this week:

How far along? 17w0d and the size of an onion.  ~ 5.1 inches and 5.9 ounces.  Munchkin 2.0 has cartilage that is turning to bone  and the liver is starting to produce bile.

Weight loss/gain:  +10 lbs.  Blah.  I'm convinced that a couple pounds is locate in my bra - these things are starting to get out of control.

Maternity clothes: I caved and wore a pair of maternity jeans last weekend just since we were going to be out and about and I wanted to be comfortable. I'm going to need to drag out my box this weekend to get some maternity work pants, though.  I'm running out of regular work pants that fit.

Symptoms:  Still just can't poo regularly.

Sex (of baby):  Pictures got pushed back to next Friday.

Sleep: Much better this week. I can breathe again and Andrew isn't sick any more. He did get me up at 11:30 last night, though. He didn't really need anything so I think he just wanted some mommy time.

Best moment this week? Nothing happened this week really.  Just chugging along.

Movement: Possibly.  I have felt a few things that might be movement, but I'm not 100% convinced yet.

Food cravings:  Just always hungry.

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Feeling cute.

What I'm looking forward to?  Next appt is on Monday so I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again.  The appt is with the cranky doctor so I'm not thrilled about that, but oh well.

Milestones:  Nothing really.

What I'm nervous about:  I really need to tell work.

It's getting there. I still just feel kind of jiggly. I look forward to when it's a real baby bump.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TAT ~ Photo Bloopers

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is another photo blooper post.  While my picture taking  volume has slowed down considerably from the early days I still get plenty of interesting shots:

Sitting on the potty studying his giant box of "fruit O's"

"Are you making fun of my outfit?"

Yep, a diaper and monster feet is a good look.

And finally...

"I kick ass at skeeball!"

So how about you?  What good photo bloopers do you have in your arsenal?  Link up with Toddle Along Tuesday and share.

Monday, March 18, 2013

We Just Couldn't Wait

Andrew's birthday is still 8 days away (holy $%&@!) but this weekend was so gorgeous that I couldn't resist. I had to break out his birthday present a little early.

It all started because we were playing in the back yard. It was an absolutely beautiful day.  The kind of day that solidifies why I love springtime so much.  We were running around the back yard and Andrew kept cracking up when I would jump up and down.  That made me think that maybe we should let him play with his birthday present a little early.  So I went inside and got the box (that has been sitting in the foyer - not exactly hidden).

We got it out of the box and got everything unrolled.  Andrew didn't even know what it was yet, but he started crawling and jumping all over it:

I was amazed at how quickly it inflated - it seriously took a minute at most.  Once it was up we took his shoes off and let him climb in.  It didn't take long before he was jumping up and down and shouting "I bounce!".  He was so excited to be able to bounce and land on his butt without almost falling off the couch.

And the jump castle is awesome.  It's big enough for him to bounce all over and even had enough room for J to lounge in there with him.  I even got in there with him and bounced for a bit (sitting down, I'm too tall to stand and jump).  I was just so excited that he loves it since I would've been pretty bummed if we wasted all that money on it if he hated it.

He spent an hour in there, bouncing, going down the slide, climbing back up and just running around laughing.  Oh, and the breakdown was just as easy as the setup. It deflates very fast and folds up into the carry bag in no time at all.  All in all I am very happy with it (and no, I'm not being paid to rave about this jump castle or anything - I just really like it).

Now I just hope it holds up long enough that Andrew and 2.0 can play in it together in a few years.

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Bocks!" - and 16 Weeks

A couple months ago one of J's coworkers gave us a big bin of the big lego-like blocks.  Her kids have outgrown them and have moved on to actual legos, so Andrew inherited them.  At first he didn't pay them too much attention. He would mostly just dump them out and spread them all over the floor.

Recently that has all changed.  We moved the big bin out into our living room and now he is obsessed.  In the morning after he eats breakfast and as soon as I get him out of his highchair he hightails it into the living room to play with them.  Before we leave for daycare he normally runs out there and grabs two of them (he always has to have one for each hand).  While we're in the car on the way there I hear him back there saying "bocks" and playing with them. Before dinner he is out there stacking.  He takes a few with him on his way to the tub. After bath time he runs back out there to play for a while before I make him go brush his teeth and we read books.  So yeah, you can definitely say he's obsessed.

And I love it!  Watching him walk around the bin to stack them in different places with a big grin on his face makes me so happy.  He gets so excited by what he creates and it warms my heart to see him light up the way he does.  I love watching his joy in discovering how things work.  I always wonder if this feeling will ever get old?  Will it get to the point where I'm just like "Yeah, that's nice."?  I hope not.  I hope that his excitement continues to elicit just as much excitement out of me as it does now, because I love this feeling.

Ok, enough of that - on to this week:

How far along? 16w0d and the size of an avocado.  ~ 4.6 inches and 3.5 ounces.  Munchkin 2.0 can hear our voices, is growing hair, eyelashes and eyebrows and is even forming taste buds.

Weight loss/gain:  I didn't weigh myself this morning.but on Wednesday I was holding steady at +8 lbs. I'm trying really hard to not obsess over it.  I guess 8 lbs for 16 weeks isn't awful.

Maternity clothes: Still no.  I may need to break out the maternity jeans in the not too distant future, but for right now I'm still in regular clothes.

Symptoms:  Still just can't poo regularly.

Sex (of baby):  Doing our photos in 8 days  :)

Sleep: I can't breathe out of my nose so sleeping has sucked this week.  Also, Andrew has a cough so listening to that on the monitor has woken me up quite a bit.

Best moment this week? Not baby related, but the Easter egg hunt on Wednesday was awesome. Andrew had so much fun and I am so glad I was able to be there for it.

Movement: Still no.

Food cravings:  Still nothing, just starving all the time.

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Having energy. Where the hell is that 2nd tri burst of energy that I'm supposed to be getting??

What I'm looking forward to?  Pictures next week!

Milestones:  Just hitting 16 weeks - 2/5 of the way through.

What I'm nervous about:  Back to being nervous about telling my family.  Oooh I hope they aren't pissed I didn't tell them earlier.

Definitely starting to poof out more now.  It's still more noticeable at night than it is at 7:30 AM when I took this picture.  The poof is starting to get in the way a little bit during body pump class.  Can't wait to see what happens in a few more weeks.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toddle Along Tuesday ~ Pet Peeves

I haven't done one of these in forever, so I thought I'd jump back on the wagon with this week's TAT.   Especially since it's about pet peeves and my cranky sickly self would like to complain  :)

I have many many pet peeves, but I'll stick to just a few so I don't sound too whiny.

1.  Lazy people at the store.
In particular I am talking about the absolute laziness when it comes to the parking lot.  Every time I pull into a parking lot at a grocery store, or Target or Walmart my blood boils when I see this:

Yes, that would be a shopping cart that some wonderful Walmart shopper decided to leave next to my car instead of returning it to the cart corral that you can see in the space directly behind my car.  WTF?  Is it really that hard to walk the 15 extra feet to put it where it belongs?  And I don't give people with kids a pass on that. When I'm carting my toddler around I still manage to return my cart to where it belongs just fine.  People in this country are just unbelievably lazy.  And I have flat out said "That isn't where that goes." to someone when I see them just shoving a cart up on a little median or in an open spot instead of putting it where it belongs.  One of these times I'm probably gonna get my car keyed.

2.  Cell phone conversations in public places.
Maybe I'm the only one, but I look back fondly on the days when people weren't reachable wherever they went.  Having to listen to other people's (normally loud) personal conversations everywhere in public is beyond annoying.  It's especially irritating at the gym and I have given more than one dirty look to people who walk around shouting into their phones while I'm getting in a workout.  I really want to tell them "You aren't that important.  I'm fairly certain that can wait until you are in a more private setting.".

3.  The dishwasher
Or more accurately, J's seeming inability to actually get his dishes in the dishwasher.  Not every dish that he uses, but I can't tell you how many times I have walked into the kitchen to find a glass or cup sitting on the counter directly above the dishwasher.  Half the time I will put them in (loudly) and the other half of the time I ignore them and leave them there.  I'm not a freaking maid.

I'm sure I have many (many) others, but I'll leave it at that.  So what about you? What grinds your gears, parenting related or not?  Link up with Toddle Along Tuesday and share your gripes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Pregnant + A Cold = Hell


I hate being sick.  Being sick when you can take good cold meds is sucky enough.  Being sick when you're pregnant and your options are severely limited all out blows.

Last weekend Andrew had a bit of a cold.  Nothing too bad, he was mostly just coughing but wasn't snotty or anything.  I should have known when he was coughing directly into my face while I was rocking him before a nap that trouble was on the way.

Last Monday it started - the scratchy throat and sinus pressure.  Last Tuesday I felt kind of crappy so I worked from home thinking that would probably be the worst of it.  I was wrong.  I still forced myself to do a couple long-ish runs last week hoping that I could sweat it out since I can't take any Dayquil or anything to help me out.  No dice.

Friday night the godawful congestion started.  I could deal with it when it was just one side because at least I could kind of breathe at night.  Now it's both sides and it sucks.  Oh, and the coughing started on Saturday, too.  Awesome.

Thanks for the germs, little buddy.

So now I am working from home again, drinking my tea and honey, rubbing Vicks on my chest and under my nose in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, it'll clear my nose a little bit, drinking orange juice, and going through tissues like you wouldn't believe.

Stupid compromised immune system...

Friday, March 8, 2013

How Is That Comfortable? And 15 Weeks

Last month Andrea sent J and I an email asking if we would be ok with them transitioning Andrew to napping on a mat instead of in the pack n play.  We said "Sure"  and "Good luck!".  I anticipated it being a train wreck and figured there is no way he would actually sleep since he would be in the playroom instead of the dark room that the other kids nap in.  I kind of thought that he would just sit there and play instead of napping, especially based on his antics when we put him in his crib.

Well, we were wrong.

It turns out that he has done great with it.  There have even been days, like yesterday, where he was still napping when I got there to pick him up.  I'm so happy that he transitioned well, but it amazes me that he can actually sleep, based on how he's doing it.  I walked in yesterday to wake him up and saw this:

He has his nap mat, a little pillow and a stuffed duck (yep, they have a duck for him there, too) but he lays perpendicular to his little mat, mostly on the hardwood floor.  How can that be comfortable??  He's napping just fine like that so I'm not worried, I just think it's really weird.  Then again, he's a weird kid  :)

Anyway, on to this week:

How far along? 15w0d and the size of a navel orange.  ~ 4 inches and 2.5 ounces.  Munchkin 2.0 might even be having hiccups in there at this point.  Andrew had them a LOT while he was in there and I wonder if this one will, too.

Weight loss/gain:  +8 lbs this morning. Ugh.  I take small consolation in the fact that a few pounds of that has to be in my bra. According to the one pregnancy app I have on my phone I should be up around 5 lbs right now.  Yeah, screw you Sprout.

Maternity clothes: Still no.  I'm going to need to drag out my box of maternity clothes and go through and see what will work for this summer, though.

Symptoms:  What I would give to be regular...

Sex (of baby):  Our pictures are 2 weeks from tomorrow - so excited!

Sleep: I'll admit that benedryl has been taken once or twice this week.  For the most part I sleep ok, I just wake up a bunch to pee even though I don't really have to go that much. It's my damn distended colon pressing on my bladder that makes me feel like I always have to go.

Best moment this week? Honestly, nothing much happened this week.  We did get the bedding in for Andrew's new room and I'm pretty pumped about decorating his new room.

Movement: Nope.  There have been a few times that I've wondered if I felt something, but I think it's in my head.  I won't count it until it is definitive movement.

Food cravings:  No one thing in particular, I just always feel hungry

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Not feeling like I have a bowling ball in my colon.

What I'm looking forward to?  Our pictures in two weeks.

Milestones:  Nothing this week.  I hit 15 weeks so I'm 3/8 through this pregnancy, that's about it.

What I'm nervous about:  Honestly? The weight gain.  As someone who dealt with an eating disorder for a long time I have a very hard time dealing with seeing the number on the scale rise.  It seems to be rising more quickly this go 'round and it scares me.

Still just doughy:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Worth Every Penny

I have mentioned our daycare here many many times.  We love them and think that they do such a great job with Andrew. He loves it there and they love him.  

Of course this year the cost went up, and not just a little.  I kind of freaked out, especially now that we have 2.0 on the way. Two kids in daycare will be more than our mortgage (yeah, that's a tough pill to swallow).  Because of that we have been exploring our options.  

Do we move Andrew to a traditional daycare center once 2.0 is here?  I would prefer the baby to be in the small in-home setting because I am more comfortable with that so basically Andrew would give up his spot to his little sibling. (He wouldn't have to really give up his spot, they have room for both of them). The baby will also cost less because right now we are paying $100/month for Andrew to be on the lunch program (which might seem like a lot, but he eats so much better for them than he does for us and she cooks them a real meal everyday - they aren't just eating sandwiches. It also includes all milk and snacks).

Or we could suck it up for a few months until Andrew is three and can go to pre-school.  There is one that is actually right by daycare that I have been meaning to look in to, but haven't gotten around to it.

I think by the time we would need to move him he would be fine at a bigger center with more kids (he'll  be almost 2 1/2), but then I worry about too much change at once.  His world is going to be rocked when the new baby arrives - something that causes me anxiety on a regular basis.

I really would like to keep him where he is until it's time for him to move on to pre-school.  He's comfortable, he's happy, and he's learning SO much.  Yesterday Andrea posted this video of my little smarty pants:

Yes, I realize that there is most likely some memorization going on there, but I did spell out a few of the words with his foam letters in the tub last night and he said them there, too.  I am amazed every single day at how much his vocabulary is exploding and at how much he is learning.  With only 4 kids at the daycare now he is getting a lot of one on one attention and it really shows.

So yeah, they may be a little more expensive than I would like right now, but I really think they are worth every single penny.

Update:  I realize now that the video is not working for others to see because of the privacy settings she has on it.  Bummer, because it's an awesome video showing him going through the "Baby Can Read" book and recognizing the following words:  eyes, clap, nose, tiger, cat, arms up, reach (and then messing up on a few other words).  I know he can't actually read yet, but I am so proud of him for starting to recognize some words.  I need to have her email me the video so I can get it posted another way.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Nightly Craziness

You know how you see commercials with babies taking a bath and being all calm and soothed by it?  Yeah, those are crap.

You want to know what happens with MY kid after bath time?  We get this:

And this isn't just a one time occurrence.  This is pretty much every single night.  Bedtime bath apparently has the opposite effect on this munchkin.  It's like baby crack for him.

I've been trying to be better about calming him down after bath time and not letting him get wound back up so we can get him settled and ready for bed.  Yeah, it's not working so well.  I know I need to be more strict and not let him play like that, but it's so damn funny/cute that sometimes I can't help it.  Especially when he is hopping on the couch proudly proclaiming "I bounce!".  After the bath I take him out into the living room so we can lotion him up and get him dressed in front of the fire where it's warm.  As soon as I get that diaper on his bum he hops up and climbs the couch for some fun.

I know we'll regret not being more strict about bedtime later - especially when 2.0 is here and we're trying to manage bedtime for two munchkins.  For right now I'm just enjoying my crazy little toddler and trying to slowly change our routine to a more calm atmosphere.

He's a strange little munchkin  :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

MOTY and 14 Weeks

I think I officially earned my title of Mother of the Year this morning.

Last night at 12:30 Andrew woke me up (which hasn't happened in forever).  I went to check on him because I was worried he'd pooped since he's having a little bit of a diaper rash issue at the moment.  Nope, he'd just pee'd. So I got him changed and rocked in the recliner with him for 15 minutes before popping him back in the crib.

He slept through the rest of the night and I didn't hear much more out of him.  While I was getting his breakfast ready J went in to wake him up as usual.  He was a little fussy when J got him out of the crib, but he's not a morning person (just like his mommy) so that's kind of the norm.  I asked if he'd pooped and J said it kind of smelled like it, but there was nothing in there but pee.  He brought him out and put him in his highchair for breakfast. I noticed his hair seemed damp on one side of his head, but he tends to sweat when he sleeps so I didn't think anything of it.

He wasn't all that interested in his breakfast and only wanted to down his milk. He got mad when he finished it and I said he couldn't have more unless he ate.  He ate a couple pieces of pancake and I gave him a little more milk then some water. He was a thirsty little bugger!

While he was eating I went in his room to pull out an outfit for him to wear today. I noticed his room did smell kind of funny.  I looked in his crib and found out why - he had puked in there sometime after I put him back to bed at 1:00. Ugh.  I stripped down his bed and threw everything (including all his bedtime buddies) in the wash.  I went out to check him and he was still sitting there messing with breakfast. I took a quick whiff of the damp side of his head. Yep, it smelled like puke. Double ugh.

I debated bringing him with me while I came to the office to get my laptop and just keep him home with me.  If I had my laptop home already I may have kept him home. Instead I scrubbed him down, got him dressed and took him to daycare.  When I got there Andrea  informed me that Anthony is out and his mom had called her last night because he had a 102 fever. Awesome.  I told her that he was a little cranky this morning and hadn't eaten all of his breakfast.  I left out the puke part, but did tell her that I checked his temp and it was his normal 97.8 (which it was).  I told her if he started acting sick or she was concerned to call me and I'd come get him.

So yeah, I feel like a horrible mom because I sent him to daycare even though he puked last night. He didn't have a fever and wasn't just sitting there crying and being miserable so I don't think he is really all that sick.  I just hope she doesn't get a whiff of his head...

Anyway, on to this week:

How far along? 14w0d and the size of a lemon.  ~3.4 inches and 1.5 ounces.  Munchkin 2.0 has kidneys that are already making urine and may or may not be sucking it's thumb.

Weight loss/gain:  I hate my scale.  I weighed myself this morning and it has me up almost 8 lbs. WTF? I really need to get my eating habits under control (I'm just so hungry all the time) and be more active.

Maternity clothes: Nope - still sporting the regular jeans today.

Symptoms:  I also hate my GI tract.

Sex (of baby):  We will reveal later this month.

Sleep: I'm sleeping well in general, but I wake up multiple times a night. Last night was the first time I'd been up with Andrew in ages.

Best moment this week? Getting to hear 2.0's heartbeat at my appt on Tuesday.

Movement: No. If this one is anything like Andrew I won't feel anything for another 6 or 7 weeks. I don't know if I have an anterior placenta this time, though.

Food cravings:  Salt and vinegar chips. I really have to keep those stupid things out of the house.

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Feeling good.

What I'm looking forward to?  Nothing is really going on this week. We did order the bedding for when we move Andrew to his new room, so I'm excited for that to come in.

Milestones:  Hitting 2nd tri and getting to hear the heartbeat.

What I'm nervous about:  Still worried about telling work and I'm also nervous about telling my family. If they don't find out until Andrew's party I will be 18 weeks along. I wonder if they'll be pissed that I waited that long??

Still not much going on. I feel like I just look doughy.  It's an awesome look  :(