Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And on to day three

The third day away from my sweet little guy.  It's starting out better than yesterday.  It's still not easy and I still had to drag myself away from him this morning, but I made it out of the house without shedding any tears.

It may have been made easier by the great afternoon/evening we had yesterday.

I got home at 4:15 after hauling ass through traffic and cursing the people in front of me who had the nerve to follow the speed limit when I was rushing home to see my baby.  I dashed into the house and found Andrew being calmed by MIL.  She was appeasing him until I could get home to nurse him.

I was feeding him when J got home from work. He skipped the gym since he was going riding instead. In the 100+ degree heat. Good plan.

So Andrew and I hung out a bit and I finally put the crib soother in to see if he liked it. It looks like he does:

And no - I don't put him sideways in his crib like that all the time. I just wanted to see if he would watch the toy.

I nursed him again and then dragged him to the grocery store to get some stuff.  He was a perfect angel in his carseat the whole time. Unlike the 4 year old there with his mom who was walking through the store screaming at the top of his lungs and having a temper tantrum. 

We had a nice evening at home after dinner.  After bathtime and more nursing he was down in his crib for night #3. 

8 hours and 47 minutes later he was up this morning ready for a new day.  Hopefully the rest of this day goes fast because I can't wait to get home to see this:

Damn, I love this kid.

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  1. I know how you're feeling! Everyday is a race home. I'm glad you had a better day. :)