Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not again...

You'd think I would know better.  Or that I would at least learn from experience.  Apparently not.

Today was the second day this week that I have had to change my clothes before leaving for work.  I don't know if Andrew just ate too much too fast or what, but right as he appeared to be finishing up nursing this morning he gave me a big smile and promptly regurgitated half of what he just ate.  All over me, him, and the glider.


Of course this was after I had put him in his outfit for the day, so we were both onto our second outfits and it was only 7:15 AM.

It super sucks for me because I only have so many work appropriate shirts that have relatively easy access for pumping.  And so far two of them haven't even made it out the door this week.

Maybe it's time to wise up and not put on my work shirt until after the little munchkin has his breakfast.  We'll see if I remember this little lesson tomorrow morning.

Of course he's so damn cute it's impossible to get mad at him

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