Monday, June 6, 2011

The Holy Grail of Sleep

After being a complete and total crankypants pretty much all day yesterday (which now that I think about it was probably due to very little napping), Andrew hit a milestone last night.

That's right - he gave us 8 hours of straight sleep.  Actually 8 hours and 3 minutes based on my handy dandy iPhone app.

Needless to say - I am thrilled.  But I'm not going to get my hopes up that this will continue with any regularity. He likes to keep us guessing so I'm going to assume that tonight he will be up every 2 hours, just to keep it interesting.

Anyway, this weekend we did get to do some stuff with him.  Saturday we went for a walk on the bridge and then took a detour through the Sweetgrass Festival that was being held at Waterfront Park.  We didn't buy anything since I refuse to spend $500 on a basket, but we did take a nice little break on the pier where J fed Andrew:

Mmmmm - fresh squeezed mom juice

Then that night we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to attempt to find a tent for the beach (no luck) and then went to Longhorn for dinner since we had a gift card.  Little man lasted through the appetizer in his car seat and then insisted on being held for the rest of dinner.  I've gotten damn good at eating one handed.

Yesterday we went to K-Mart because they have some patio furniture that J saw that he likes so we went to look. Unfortunately it's no longer on sale and we're not sure we want to pay $500 for it.  Then we went to Lowes to get some more flowers for outside.  It almost made me happy that Andrew was fussy because I had to be inside feeding him instead of outside in the 90+ degree heat planting flowers. Thanks little guy!

Here's hoping that after his great stretch of sleep last night he is a more agreeable baby today.

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