Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm a Mess

I'm going to miss seeing this smiling face all day  :(

Tomorrow is my last day of working from home. I have to go back to the office on Monday. 

Every time I think about it I cry.

I know millions upon millions of moms do it every day and I know I will be fine (eventually).  But after getting to spend all my time with him for 12 weeks it is going to be so hard to walk out the door on Monday.

On the plus side, he will be at our house being taken care of by his grandma for two weeks. J's mom is coming down to help out since the daycare didn't have a spot for him until August 1st.  I know she will give him plenty of attention so that makes me feel slightly better.

So she'll be here for two weeks. Then J and I are taking vacation the week of July 4th. She'll come down for another two weeks, and then I will work from home that last week in July before he starts daycare the next week.

I always said I couldn't imagine being a stay at home mom and that I would get bored. Now knowing I have to leave makes me wish we had the financial capability for me to stay with him.

Of course last night as I was backing into the garage I hit the drivers side mirror on my car and cracked it. That will cost at least $700 to fix.  Great. I guess I better get back to work so I can pay for it.  Sigh...


  1. Aww so sorry about your car :( And sorry your maternity leave is already up - I know it went by much too quickly! It's good you have vacation coming up soon to look forward to! I'll be thinking about you on Monday. Will you be pumping at work? I'm really not looking forward to that part.

  2. I had my first baby, a daughter, on April 3rd and go back to work full-time on June 27th. I trust the caregiver we've selected but it doesn't make it easier. I want to be the one spending time with my sweet girl during the day. I'm a mess, too, so know you're not alone right now if that helps some.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog during the last several months of pregnancy and these first few months with baby. Good luck!

  3. Awww I'm sorry! I cried like a baby when I had to go back to work too. I even had that exact thought about not being able to comfort my daughter... Just know it gets better after a few weeks (3 weeks later I still hate it, but I don't cry anymore, lol).