Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Two - not so good

I made it through yesterday with no tears at all. I mean, I was super sad to leave him in the morning, but I think the anticipation of getting back to the office got me through.

Today - not so much.

When I got home yesterday afternoon I was so happy to see his smiling little face.  My MIL told me that he did good all day, but he didn't really nap much and she could tell he missed me because he wanted to nurse.  I grabbed him and didn't let go.   We spent some quality time together and it didn't even bother me when he had a complete poo explosion (we're talking up the front and the back of the diaper - huge mess!).

Last night was night # 2 in the crib. He went down at about 9:45 PM and at 3:45 I heard my MIL up with him.  I went down to feed him and he was so upset. I think waking up in the unfamiliar place put him over the edge. I finally got him to calm down and nurse and he went back to bed.

I eventually fell back to sleep until my alarm went off. I hate that thing.

I got ready for work and then went to go get my little man.  I found him sleeping like this in his crib:

Yeah, I know, he shouldn't be sleeping on the boppy. We're going to work on breaking that habit once he gets used to the crib.  And our little Houdini worked both hands out of the swaddle. I guess I moved to the bigger one too early.

Anyway, I got him up, changed him, nursed him, lotioned him up, put him in his outfit for the day, and handed him over to his grandma.  As I was gathering my stuff up she went over and sat on the floor with him on his playmat.  He started smiling and kicking (he's so happy in the mornings) and was perfectly content.  I said my goodbyes and got out of there before I could burst into tears.  The tears came before I even made it into my car.  Ugh. Is this ever going to get any easier???

He's looking at me like he knows I am about to leave   :(

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  1. Poor baby and mommy! I cried reading your post. I hope for you (and me) this gets easier!