Monday, June 20, 2011

So far so good

I am back at work.

I made it out the door and all the way to the office with no tears.  Score one for me. Last night was a whole other story. 

Every time I started to think about leaving him I teared up.  When he was crying loudly and my mother-in-law was comforting him I started sobbing thinking 'When he's crying tomorrow I won't be here to comfort him.'. 

To top it off, J decided to pick last night to transition him from the bassinet upstairs into his crib down in his nursery.  That kind of put me over the edge.

I bathed him, got him all snuggled up, nursed him, put him in his crib and then headed upstairs to cry my way through my shower.  I know deep down that he needs to be in his crib and that he is outgrowing the bassinet and that we might as well make the transition while MIL is here, but it was still hard.

This morning I got up after not hearing a peep from Andrew all night. J went down to check on him and said he was still snoozing.  I got myself ready for work and went downstairs into his nursery.  Still snoozing.  After 9 hours and 5 minutes of sleep.  Excellent.

I actually had to wake him up so I could feed him before I left (and get some good baby time to tide me through the 8 hours of work).  He nursed like a champ and blew out two diapers - smiling the whole time.

I got him ready for the day and handed him over to his grandma with a few last kisses.  Then I hauled ass out of there before I could get upset.

Man this is hard.  He's in good hands so I know he'll be ok. I just can't wait to see his smiling face at 4:00.

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