Monday, June 27, 2011

Could he be any cuter??

Andrew turned 3 months old yesterday. How is that possible?  How has he already been on this earth for 3 months?  It seems like just yesterday that I was feeling him kick the crap out of me from the insides and now here he is - 3 months old.

Along with him turning 3 months came a new trick.  It may not have been intentional, but he rolled over for the first time on Saturday.  Click here to see my amazing little munchkin on a roll.

And yes, that was a giant fart around the :30 mark.  I love my gassy little man.

While we were enjoying some tummy time this weekend I also used it as an opportunity for a photo shoot.

My new favorite picture of him. I love his expressions.

I think this is the "What are you doing to me, mom?" look

Love his smile - I just wish I hadn't cut off the top of his head. And had moved the wipes box out of the frame.

I really really really hope his eyes stay blue like this

My little cutie


  1. So so adorable :) I can't believe our little guys are exactly a month apart! Mine is equally gassy ;)

  2. How did I not notice that they are a month apart? Very funny.

  3. How did I not realize that they are a month apart? That's kinda funny.