Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weight and Lack of Willpower

After popping out Andrew the first 20 lbs of weight seemed to fall right off.  I mean, I was in pre-pregnancy jeans just days after delivering.  Granted I had a nice muffin top to go with them, but they were on nonetheless.

Now it's almost 10 weeks later and these last 10 lbs are refusing to give up.  They have taken up residence in my belly, butt and thighs and show no signs of vacating the premises.

I naively thought that since I am breastfeeding that it would magically disappear. No such luck.  And it doesn't help that I have absolutely zero willpower when it comes to snacking.  We went to Sam's Club two weeks ago and bought way too much crap. I hear those peanut M&M's calling my name and I can't help but answer the call.  That is the only reason that I look forward to being back at work. At least when I am there I don't have access to junk food all day. As long as I pack my healthy snacks I will be good to go.

From what I've read/heard it's possible that a breastfeeding woman's body can hold onto the last 5 or 10 lbs of fat while they are still breastfeeding since the body needs it to lactate (or something like that).  By no means am I going to abandon breastfeeding to satisfy my vanity, but I really hope that little snippet of information is incorrect.  Especially since summer is about here and it's prime bathing suit season.

Sometimes I hate living at the beach...

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  1. oh I hear ya! That first half flew right off and now the scale has been stuck at 15 :(
    Seriously though you look fabulous and it takes most women and whole lot longer to look that good after popping out a baby! Give yourself credit, girl! You will get there! :)