Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach, Sleep, and Beer

Memorial Day weekend was a somewhat busy one.  I'm sad it's over - I love getting to spend all my time hanging out with the little man.

Saturday morning we made our first beach outing.  It was relatively successful. Let's just say that going to the beach this year will take a lot more forethought and planning. And stuff.

Andrew slept most of the time we were out there:

Oh, and I also did something for the first time while we were there. I had to nurse in public.  The bottle I pumped for him beforehand wasn't enough and I was desperate so a threw a towel over me and whipped it out.  I felt awkward, but what are you gonna do?

That evening we decided to hop in the golf cart and go down to Pitt Street to watch the sunset. I strapped him to me in the carrier and away we went.

The sunset was nice:

Andrew missed most of it:

Sunday afternoon we went to a friend's house for a cookout. It was a nice small gathering and Andrew was a perfect angel. He slept for the first half of the time we were there and then after I fed him he sat on my lap all contentedly and looked around. Everyone was so impressed with how good he was. That night was another first. My first beer in about 10 months.

All the excitement at the cookout must've worn the little guy out because that night he gave us yet another first. His first night sleeping more than 7 hours.  7 hours and 47 minutes to be exact.  I was beyond thrilled and felt great yesterday.

Unfortunately that appears to have been a fluke because last night I was up every 2.5 hours with him. It's gonna be a long Tuesday...

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