Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Little Gremlin

That's what I call Andrew due to the crazy noises he makes all day.  Sometimes even when he eats he is making funny noises.

Yesterday I recorded him and sent it to J at work - he misses the little guy so much during the day so I send him pictures if Andrew is doing something particularly cute.  We were doing some tummy time and Andrew was very noisy so I wanted to capture it.  He sounds so funny  :)

Last night we had a little playtime on the floor and watching the two of them together melted my heart.  Andrew loves his daddy and J is so adorable with him:

Today Andrew has been a bit of a fuss butt and was screaming bloody murder when I was trying to get some stuff done. Particularly the laundry since Andrew had a diaper leak while we were snuggling in bed this morning and needed to wash all the bedding. Excellent.

I finally got him to give in and take a nap:

He looks like such an angel when he is sleeping. Hard to believe he is such a holy terror when he is awake sometimes!

Oh, and we attempted to weigh him last night since it's been a while since he's been to the doctor. By our guesstimate he is about 12.5 lbs.  Yikes!  That seems like a big gain for less than 8 weeks so hopefully we're off a bit.

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