Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to work...

Since my farming abilities won't exactly pay the bills I had to start back to work today. Luckily my office is very flexible and will allow me to work from home for a while.  I logged on at 6:30 while he was still sleeping and got 2 hours in before he started stirring.  Then he did this for a while:

That kept him busy for 30 minutes or so til he needed a diaper change.  Now he is on my lap nursing while I type.  With a pillow on my lap and the boppy on top of that his is at the perfect height to nurse without me having to bend over. And he is between me and the table so he isn't going anywhere.  As long as he cooperates like this for most of the day I may actually be able to get some work done  And once J gets home and takes over with the little man I will be able to put in any hours that I can't do during the day.  Thank god for flexible office hours!


  1. Back to work already? Man, that went by fast! Glad you can work from home for a few weeks! And I like your idea of being a farmer :-)

  2. Yea, that did go by fast! I'm doing the same thing and working from home starting in 2 weeks...not sure how I'll get the hours in! Glad you're doing well with it so far! :)