Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super boob and lazy boob

That appears to be what I have going on here. 

This morning I pumped the one side for about 10 or 15 minutes and got a little over 4 ounces just from that side.  When I've pumped the other side I've been lucky to get 2 ounces.  So it looks like my right side is a rock star and my left side is a slacker.

Of course this didn't stop him from being attached to each of them today almost constantly.  I swear I felt like I spent the whole afternoon with him on my boob.  That puts a big crimp in me being able to get anything done around here.  Very frustrating.

Oh, and I had to call my insurance AGAIN to see if the claim from my OB had been paid because I need the OB to reimburse me for the money I paid up front so I can pay the hospital bill.  The check has still not cleared. Seriously?  It was sent out on 4/19.  What the hell is taking so long???

Anyway, tonight we go to see our friends who just had their baby boy last Friday - Andrew's first friend.  We're taking them dinner and a gift to return the favor of them bringing dinner over to us when we first brought our little man home.  Hopefully he cooperates and doesn't meltdown so we can visit for a few minutes.  Wish us luck!

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