Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poo-A-Palooza 2011

Last night Andrew decided to show us yet another one of his many tricks.  I had given him his bath and was trying to get him to eat so he would go to sleep.  He was slightly fussy and we heard a squirt so J went to change him.

He had the diaper completely off of him and had gotten him all cleaned up. Just as he went to grab the diaper cream and was about to put some on Andrew's little bum our little man lifted his legs in the air and blew a stream of poo clear across the changing pad, onto the dresser and all over the side of the wipes warmer (thank god that was there or it would've gotten all over the carpet and possibly the glider).

I stood there in awe as J started yelling for me to go grab a towel. As I ran to go grab something I began laughing hysterically.  Who would've thought I could be so entertained by such a mess?  I must be delirious from the exhaustion.

Andrew was quite proud of his little accomplishment and gave us both a big smile as he lay there kicking his little legs.  We got him all cleaned up again and got him ready for bed.

Today he is being good so far and is currently sitting in his swing behind me as I do some work - and some laundry.

Who knew something so small could make such a mess?  Good thing he's so cute  ;)


  1. I just had a total visual of this poo stream incident! The smile on Andrew's face is priceless!

  2. His little smile gets me every time.