Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Months

I cannot believe our little guy is already two months old. How did that happen? Where has the time gone??

Maybe because I think he's growing so fast I had a crazy dream last night. In it we went to go show him off to the neighbors and when we did he looked up at them and gave them a huge smile - complete with a mouthful of teeth.  I was so upset in the dream and kept saying that he can't have teeth yet - he's too young.  And I love his little gummy smile - I'm not ready for him to have teeth yet.

I woke from that dream when I heard him fussing and waking up. I looked at the timer. He had been sleeping for 6 hours and 37 minutes!  Yay!!  A quick diaper change and some nursing and we were both back to bed.

With him turning two months old came the two month checkup - including shots.  I know he needs them and they are what's best for him, but I was nervous because I hate to see him in distress.

We got to the doctor and he got weighed and measured.  11 lbs 8 oz (48th percentile), 22.7 inches long (42nd percentile), and I forget the head measurement off the top of my head but he is in the 30th percentile.  The doctor said he is doing fantastic and everything looks great.  He said he'd see us in 2 months for his 4 month visit and then he ducked out so the nurse could do the dirty work.

First up was the oral dose for rotavirus.  He wasn't too keen on swallowing it, but we eventually got it down.  Then it was time for the shots.  The nurse got the first one in. At first Andrew just looked surprised, but then he turned very red and let out a shriek. My heart broke.  She still needed to do the two shots in the other leg. She got the first one in but then Andrew was so tensed up that she had to wait til his muscles in his leg relaxed to get the last one in. The shrieking continued and I got teary.

She finished up, put the little round bandaids on and hauled ass out of there.  I scooped up my screaming baby and started to try to calm him. What better way than to shove a boob in his mouth?  He nursed between whimpers and I got him calm enough to put back in his carseat.  I wiped the tears from my eyes and we got out of there.  Two more months before we have to go through this again.

To cheer us up (well, to cheer me up anyway) we stopped at Target for some retail therapy. I got a few cute little outfits for him, a sun hat, and a new toy for him for being such a good sport.

Now we are back at home and he is asleep across my lap.  I just hope he doesn't get a fever or anything from the shots.  My poor sweet baby...

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