Friday, June 22, 2012

Good News (I Guess)

This morning on my way in to work I went to Nason Medical Center to have my foot looked at. I considered just going to Doctor's Care (AKA Doc in a Box) but decided that Nason is a little more high tech and a lot less skeezy.

Got there right at 8:00 when they open and by 8:45 my foot was being x-rayed.

Right around that joint above my middle toe is where it hurts.  As in hurts-to-touch-my-foot hurts.  The doctor gave it a little squeeze and I almost kicked him in the face.

Anyway, there is no break (at least not one visible on the x-ray) so they diagnose me with a nice case of tendinitis.  A prescription for some Anaprox and orders to "take it easy" and I was out the door.  I'm supposed to only do low impact things for a while until it heals.  And he said when it starts to feel a little better don't take that as a sign that I can get back to running. I guess I'm supposed to be pain free before I do that.


There goes all the progress I'd made with my mileage the last month or so.  I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get through the next however many weeks without being able to run or do some good hard cardio. I already feel like a slug and it's only been a week.  Maybe it's time to look in to using the pool at one of the other locations for my gym.  Maybe I can squeeze in some laps between all their geriatric water aerobics classes.

Stupid tendons...


  1. yikes! i am a bit behind with reading blogs so i dont know the story here but glad you are ok!

    1. Thanks! I'm ok, just annoyed that I can't run. I thought I might have a stress fracture, but it appears to just be tendinitis - no idea how long this will take to heal :(