Friday, June 1, 2012

May Running

The month of May started out promising as far as my workouts. I was on a roll until the little munchkin decided to share his cold and pinkeye. That threw a little wrench in the works and slowed me down a bit.  Plus the long holiday weekend threw me off  I still got my 50 miles in (56.2 to be exact), but I was hoping for 65+ to give me more of a buffer.  Oh well, there's always June.

So far for the year I am up to 266.4 miles, which I'm pretty sure is more than I ran all of last year, so I guess that's not too bad.  My goal for June is going to be to hit at least 60  miles.  Oh, and we are already signed up for next year's bridge run (in March) which is crazy.  I didn't think about it when he was registering us, but what happens if I happen to be pregnant?  I guess it depends on how far along I am at that time, but we'll cross that bridge (literally) when we come to it  :)

I did not take a picture of myself for comparison purposes because frankly I am feeling poofy and gross.  I need to get serious with the ab workout - and fast.  I have been getting a little better handle on my eating habits - I just wish my husband would stop buying cookies.  This mommy has almost no willpower when it comes to resisting the peanut butter deliciousness  that is currently residing in our pantry.  I kind of hope that he gorges himself on them and finishes them off so I won't be tempted.  Fingers crossed...


  1. You are doing great! Personally I am horrible with chips. I can't keep out of them! I am lucky hubby hates stepping foot in a grocery store so as long as I can resist buying them we are good! Good luck in June!

  2. 56.2 miles is incredible! You are a rockstar!

  3. Ugh I am the same way with sweet. I make something hoping Jeff will eat it and he will have it once, then I end up eating the rest.

  4. You rock! I miss keeping up with you. When I get my head above water with this stupid end of the year I'll start blogging again. I am a crappy blogger right now:(

    1. I've been wondering where you've been! Hope the end of the year winds down for you with no problems. :)