Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Munchkin Chair

Ok, it's not actually called a munchkin chair, it's a Little-Furniture Upholstered Personalized Kids Mini Chair, but it's for my munchkin so I'm calling it a munchkin chair.

I had been wanting to get him his own chair for a while now and had been eyeing up the Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, but I never seem to catch the sales and was having a hard time thinking about spending $140 for one of those things.  I did find the inserts for them on Amazon and could have gotten one for slightly cheaper (after getting the slipcover and all that jazz) but I decided to look around some.  J thought that the Anywhere Chair might not last since it's foam (I know lots of people have them and they probably last just fine) and he sent me the link for the Little Furniture chair.  I ordered it on July 3rd and Amazon had the predicted delivery date by August first, but that was an extremely generous estimate with the shipping time.  I've been tracking it on FedEx and was so pumped that it was delivered yesterday. I couldn't wait to get home to check it out.

Andrew was excited, too:

"Open it mom!"

I opened the box and pulled it out. I hadn't been sure about the brown for the lettering, but I think it came out really nicely.  The chair itself is a navy and white gingham with the wooden feet.

Of course Andrew climbed right on:

And eventually sat in it like an actual chair:

Please ignore the mass of toys behind him - we really need a toy box.

"This chair rocks, mom!"

So hopefully the munchkin will continue to enjoy his new piece of furniture.  Only time will tell with how well it will hold up.  One thing that the Anywhere Chair has over this one is the removable (and presumably washable) cover.  I'm thinking we better scotch guard this thing before he gets to rambunctious with it.

And just because it's hilarious - here is a picture from this morning of him being borderline inappropriate with his bunny in the chair.

He did have a diaper on if that makes it any better  :)


  1. I love that his name is on it! We have an adorable chair I bought for my son when he was just 6 mos old (I was looking to the future!) and it was only $49 at costco, but of course no name on it. So cute that he loves it!

  2. very cute munchkin chair :) and yes, i worry about our foam anywhere chair only because my darn husband won't stop sitting in it. sheesh. kids.
    ps i love the bunny love ;)

  3. Love that chair! The bunny pic is priceless!

  4. He is so cute!! Last pic is so funny!