Monday, November 5, 2012

A Visit to the Grandparents

Last week J had a work conference up in Myrtle Beach.  I decided to tag along with the munchkin so we could spend some time with my parents. Fortunately I work for a very flexible company so I took my laptop with me and logged a few hours while we were there so I didn't have to burn too much PTO.

We headed up Wednesday afternoon and got there just in time to do a little trick or treating around their neighborhood.  Luckily Andrew had gotten more comfortable with his costume during the day, so he didn't totally lose it when we put the duck head on.  He was such a cute little duck and did a great job at the 6 or 7 houses we went to:

When the people would offer him the bowl of candy he would take one piece and put it in his little pumpkin. It was adorable.

After a half dozen houses or so we headed back to my parent's house and he was content to sit in the foyer and dig in to his goodies.  He bit through a tootsie roll (paper and all) before we could react and sucked on that thing forever.

We had a little trouble getting him to sleep that night and I don't know if it was the late nap on the drive up, the excitement of being in a different place, or the sugar rush from the tootsie roll. Eventually he gave up and went to sleep and made it all the way through the night.

Thursday morning I drove my  mom to work so I would have my car and be able to go meet her for lunch.  To pass the time until lunchtime we played outside in the yard and Andrew had a blast playing peek a boo:

Mauling the flowers in the flower bed:

And discovering my dad's wiffle golf balls that are all over the back yard:

At noon I packed him up and we drove over to my mom's office to pick her up. We went in so everyone could meet Andrew and he busied himself by running all over the place and exploring. He charmed everyone of course and then we headed to a little mexican place for lunch.  I wasn't sure if he was going to actually eat, but was pleasantly surprised when he went to town on his quesadilla:

When I got him home he napped for a few hours so I was able to get some hours in for work. We had a little better luck getting him to sleep that night (no candy that night!).

Friday morning we had a little breakfast together:

Then we played outside since the weather was absolutely perfect.  I took the Dora the Explorer little trike out with us so he could ride it out there instead of trying to maneuver around inside the house.  He didn't seem to mind that it was pink and purple  :)

At 11:00 J came home since he had a three hour break. We decided to head up to Cherry Grove so J could show me where his grandma's beach house was and where he used to spend time as a kid.  We decided to take a walk out on the pier and let Andrew run around to burn off some more energy.  He had a blast watching the birds and even let me put his little fox hat on him (after I gave him a pretzel):

That night we went to dinner with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nieces at Outback.  I could not believe the amount of food that Andrew was able to pack away.  I seriously thought his little belly was going to burst when we went to put him back in the car seat. Bread, mac'n'cheese, sweet potato, all his milk and peanut butter pie. Oh my!

His full belly knocked him out that night and he slept like a log.  My parents had to be at a yard sale at 6:00 Saturday morning so they weren't there when we got up.  We got everything packed up and stopped at the yard sale to say goodbye before heading home.  All in all is was a good little trip and it was nice to spend some extra time with the munchkin. I love getting bonus days with him to make up for the time I don't get to spend with him during a normal work week.  He's growing and changing so much I feel like I need this extra time to catch up on everything.  Now I can't wait until our next long weekend together...


  1. I love his little face poling out from around the fence!

  2. Replies
    1. He was cracking himself up hiding and popping out. Every time his little head poked out he would start laughing hysterically. Silly kid :)