Friday, February 8, 2013

11 Weeks and Preparing to Tell

This afternoon we are headed to Charlotte (well, Matthews) to visit the in-laws and break the news that they will have another grandchild.  I guess I could lie and say I'm excited, but I'm not. Partially because I'd rather tell my family first.  Mostly because my worthless brother-in-law will be there (since he STILL lives off of his parents at almost 40 years old) and I don't want to deal with him.  I will need to spell it out to him that he is NOT to post anything on facebook about this.  At all.  If he does and my parents find out because of him I am going to seriously kill him. Of course that would give me a reason to delete him from my FB and never add him back.  Ugh, I know hate is a strong word, but I hate that guy.  Thinking about him makes my blood boil - just what this pregnant momma needs.

Anyway, on to this week...

How far along? 11w0d - it's the size of a lime.  Weighing in at about .25 ounces, no more webbed fingers and toes, and starting to form tooth buds, hair follicles, and nail beds.

Weight loss/gain:  +5 lbs according to my scale.  If this dame fiber and miralax would work it might be lower.

Maternity clothes: Nope - my regular clothes fit just fine.

Symptoms:  Some round ligament pain, the ever present constipation, waves of nausea and overall fatigue.

Sex (of baby):  My MaterniT21 test is on Tuesday. I should have the results in a week or so after that so we should be able to find out the sex then.

Sleep: Sleeping better but still waking up at least once a night to pee.  I normally fall right back to sleep.

Best moment this week? Nothing really happened this week.

Movement: Nope.  S/he may be moving in there but I won't feel it for a while.

Food cravings:  Not really craving any one thing in particular - I'm just really hungry all the time.

Belly button in or out?  In

What I miss?  Regularity.

What I'm looking forward to?  My test on Tuesday and getting the results. I'm worried since I'm in the "Advanced Maternal Age" category.  I just want to know that everything is ok.

Milestones:  I don't know, hitting week 11 and getting closer to the end of 1st tri I guess.

What I'm nervous about:  Telling the family. After all the tension with Andrew's birth (and naming) I kind of dread telling my sister.

Bloat is a little better but I'm poofy. I look forward to having a real bump and not just this puffy loose stomach.


  1. Have you ever tried taking probiotics to help with regularity? Them help me a lot so it maybe worth looking into.

    1. I haven't, but I will definitely look into it. When I'm not pregnant I'm fine, but these hormones kill me.

    2. I know what you mean, it keeps getting worse for me too.