Friday, August 2, 2013

36 Weeks!

We're back from vacation (it was great) and on Monday I'll have a photo dump and more details, but for right now I'm just doing my 36 week update. I'm in total denial about how close we are to having two kids. Holy crap!

How far along? 36w0d and baby is the size of a honeydew (or a bowling ball according to Sprout).  He should be around 6 lbs at this point. His liver and kidneys are in working order and his gums are getting rigid.

Weight loss/gain:  34 lbs. I blame vacation and eating like crap.

Maternity clothes: Is this really even a question anymore?  Pretty much all maternity clothes except for some regular shirts that still work.  I won't even try non-maternity bottoms at this point (except for workout shorts).

Symptoms:  LOTS of pressure and tightening this past week, but I attribute that to walking up probably close to 1000 steps at Chimney Rock.  My OB would kick my ass if she saw what we did.

Sex (of baby):  It's a BOY!!!

Name: The name book never made it out of the car on the trip and I only looked at it on the way back yesterday.  Why do I not feel like this is urgent?  We have 4 weeks left at most and still no decision has been made.

Sleep: Sleep sucks.  Andrew is sleeping better, but my hips hurt if I lay on one side too long and I've had a lot of trouble falling asleep the last few nights. I'm tired.

Best moment this week? Not baby related, but getting out of town for our last little vacation as a family of 3 and enjoying my two favorite guys.

Movement: All the freaking time.  Last night when we went to bed he started jumping.  J commented "I guess he's awake?" and then asked how I can fall asleep with that going on.  I told him it's not easy and that's why I'm tired all the time.

Food cravings:  Must buy more fruit today. We didn't have much on our vacation and my body is craving it big time.

Belly button in or out?  In, but weird and shallow with a funny little ridge still.

What I miss?  Being able to lay on my back and belly.  And just being comfortable in general.

What I'm looking forward to?  My appt next Wednesday. I have my first internal and I'm really curious to see if all this pressure is actually meaning something.

Milestones:  Less than a month to go!

What I'm nervous about: Andrew adjusting.  He's pretty possessive of me and it's not going to be easy.

Here I am this morning looking a little blurry and tired.  I'm still on vacation so there was no getting up and prettying myself up today.  Oh, and Andrew was running around yelling and laughing so I was laughing at him.


  1. I have been to Chimney Rock, LOVED it! I cannot imagine hiking that while 36 weeks, but it's still awesome and gorgeous there!

    1. It was beautiful! Especially the weather - getting out of the horrible humidity for 4 days was fabulous. And believe me, I got plenty of looks from people as we were walking up :)

  2. ok you look way too fantastic to be almost done baking that little guy :)
    can't wait to meet him! glad you all had a nice trip!

    1. You're too kind - I feel lumpy and huge.

  3. I'm amazed at how your belly looks. I'm so big! This last stretch feels slow and fast at the same time!

    1. Yeah, my belly looks really round at this point. I keep going back and comparing to when I was pregnant with Andrew and it's very similar. He must be pretty balled up in there.