Friday, August 9, 2013

Full Term - 37 Weeks

Full term!  Whoa.

And guess how I am celebrating this milestone in my pregnancy?  By working from home for the day with my little munchkin who appears to have gotten pinkeye. Awesome.  Because if you remember correctly, the last time he got it, so did I.

I noticed when ho got home last night that his right eye was a little gooey. I kept wiping it out and it kept gooping up. Ugh.  I was hoping with the drops that maybe this morning he would wake up clear, but no such luck. It was puffy and crusted shut when I got him up.  I got it all wiped out with a warm washcloth and did my best to get some drops in there (which is really a two person job!).  Right now it doesn't look too bad and I was almost tempted to take him to daycare, but I know how contagious it is and I would be pissed if another parent sent their pinkeyed kid in so I kept him home.

So he's spending the day with me today while I attempt to do some work. Thank god for furlough Friday's since they are really slow (and my apologies to anyone who is being hit with those furloughs - I know it sucks). On the plus side I can keep him up all day so we can try to get him to sleep in his big boy bed tonight. We figure it might work better if he's really tired and not fighting going to bed.

Before I go entertain my spastic little munchkin, here is this week's check:

How far along? 37w0d and baby is the size of a winter melon.  He should be around 6.5 lbs and 10 inches long at this point. He's practicing breathing and sucking his thumb in there.

Weight loss/gain:  34 lbs still.  I guess working out four days this week kept the weight in check for once.

Maternity clothes: Obviously yes.

Symptoms:  More pressure and tightening and some lower back pain. Also the nice sensation that I got kicked in the lady bits with a steel toed boot. I'm guessing his head is bouncing off of something in there and causing that lovely feeling.

Sex (of baby):  It's a BOY!!!

Name: No progress.

Sleep: Sleep sucks even more this week. I don't know if it's pregnancy insomnia or what. Even benedryl hasn't helped.  J and his snoring aren't doing me any favors, either.

Best moment this week? Another appointment where I got to hear the little guy's heartbeat and finding out that I'm making a little progress.

Movement: All the time. And I noticed the first hiccups this week. Andrew seemed to have them all the time and I hadn't noticed them with this one, but maybe I just hadn't been paying attention.

Food cravings:  Still loving the produce and it has done wonders for my bowels.  I swear cherries are the magic food.

Belly button in or out?  In, but weird and shallow with a funny little ridge still.

What I miss?  Running. And being able to move without groaning. And being able to go more than 30 mins without peeing.

What I'm looking forward to?  My next appointment on Wednesday to see if I make any more progress.  I'll need to get out and get walking to see if I can move things along.

Milestones:  Full term!

What I'm nervous about:  The fact that we are not prepared.  Andrew is still in the crib, the room that the baby will be sleeping in for the first 12 or so weeks is full of tools and crap for the railing for the stairs, we STILL don't have a name picked out and I just generally do not feel prepared.  That and I'm dreading to utter exhaustion that I know is coming.

Here I am this morning. Please excuse my horrid appearance - I haven't slept well in days and I'm at home with my pinkeyed munchkin today so I didn't bother beautifying myself:

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  1. You will get the nesting urge and all will fall into place, you will see! Also when I am at home, I do not look that great!