Thursday, January 2, 2014

Four Month Well Check

We had Elliot's four month check today. It's a little late since his four month birthday was on Christmas Eve and obviously they weren't going to schedule appointments that day.  I had been looking forward to this appointment because I really wanted to see just how big my little guy has gotten. Our scale at home isn't accurate enough for me.

He did well with the measuring and getting his temperature taken, but put up a fight about getting his oxygen checked. He pitched a little bit of a fit about having the thing clamped on his hand and eventually she had to switch to his foot.  She got everything done and gave me his stats:

15 lbs 2 oz (36th percentile)
25 inches (32nd percentile)
16.5 inch head circumference (50th percentile)

Andrew was 15 lbs and 26.5 inches so Elliot's a little shorter and plumper than his big brother.

Love this pudgy little baby!

Dr. Graham was very happy with his progress and thinks he looks great. He checked his ears (all clear), listened to his chest, checked his hips and in his diaper and everything looked great.  I talked with him about the sleep regression that we have been experiencing the last couple weeks (started the week before Christmas) to see his thoughts.  He says that when babies get to this size that sometimes a liquid diet just doesn't do it for them and it's possible he may be ready to start some cereals.  I know with Andrew we started those around 5 months and I had planned on waiting til then with Elliot, too.  I'd like to give Baby Led Weaning a shot, but we sucked at it with Andrew so I don't know really how to go about it.  So maybe we should start giving him a little bit of cereal and see if that helps his sleep.

After we talked about everything Dr. Graham left and the nurse came in to do the vaccines.  He started fussing instantly (he was tired and hungry) so I held him while she did everything. He took the oral vaccine right away and shrieked at the shots (two in one leg and one in the other). As soon as she was done I nursed him to calm him down and he settled pretty quickly.

Back to being my smiley baby before we even left the office.

Currently he is snoozing (and snoring) away in his car seat since I didn't want to disturb him when we got home. I'm hoping the 4 month shots have the same effect as the 2 month ones and he is sleepy tonight. This mommy is tired!

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