Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Friday, which happened to be when Elliot turned 14 months, we decided to take half days at work so we could go to the pumpkin patch and hopefully avoid the huge weekend crowds.  We picked them up from Andrea's and school and headed to Boone Hall around 12:45.  The parking lot had a lot of cars, but it wasn't slam packed.  We tossed Elliot in the stroller and headed for the entrance.  I went up to pay the admission for us and was a little taken aback that it cost $10 each (except Elliot).  $10 for a three year old?

Whatever. We headed in to see what there was to do.  We stopped for a quick picture:

They had the big jumping pillows and Andrew said he wanted to go in there., Of course once he was up there he did this:

Then we headed over to the jump castle area. Andrew didn't want to get in, but he wanted to try the basketball game. Even cheating he couldn't make a shot:

The boys played in the sand area and went down the slides before we headed over to the hay ride.  We parked the stroller off to the side and hoped that no one would steal it, then climbed up.  The hayride took off and Andrew happily pointed out all of the things that we saw along the way:

Once we got done we went and got our stroller and decided to try the corn maze:

Unfortunately we didn't take that picture before heading into the maze so we had a little trouble finding our way through.  Andrew must not have had faith in us, either, since he took a flag with us:

We wandered around in the maze for about 30 minutes before throwing in the towel and heading for the petting zoo.  Last year Andrew didn't really want to touch any of the animals, but this year he was all about it:

After all of that we headed over to the actual pumpkin patch to look for some pumpkins and take some pictures:

We had to take the same pumpkin picture that we did last year:

And I made sure that I got a picture of me with my boys:

All in all it was a fun little outing, even if it was a little too hot for my liking.  Bring on fall!

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