Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's Alive!!

Woo hoo!  We got the recovery disk from HP to try to save my computer. Before J even had a chance to put it in he pressed the button on the computer and it miraculously booted up. We're not sure what brought on this resurrection and right now I don't care. All I cared about was saving my pictures and documents so that the next time that thing decides to crap out I won't be a sobbing mess from losing all my memories.

J mapped a drive from my computer to his computer and to his external hard drive so I could backup everything.  I was sitting there with a huge smile on my face as I happily copied folders of pictures, my resumes, my address list (all the friends and families addresses that we had from the wedding - invaluable at Christmas card time!) and some other documents I had saved.  The pictures took a while since I accidentally copied the folder with all 2600 pictures from our wedding photographer - I have them on disk so I really didn't need to do that - but now everything is safe.  Now that stupid laptop can burst into flames for all I care.  Of course now that means it will live on forever.

I am also ecstatic because today is my Friday and I hop on a plane at 5:35 this evening to head to Arizona for a four day weekend with  my sister. I'm trying not to let the fact that Phoenix is apparently the kidnapping capital of the US put a damper on my spirits.  Fingers crossed we aren't abducted and sold into the Mexican drug trade during the weekend.  I figure that my sister has been out there for a month and is unscathed - and she has way less common sense than me  :)

All in all it was a pretty good week - and by the time I get back Monday night I will be into the 14th week of this pregnancy. Time does seem to be flying lately.  I just hope it doesn't go too fast - there is still so much to do!

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