Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just beating away in there

Yesterday I had another appointment with my OB.  Nothing overly exciting - my blood pressure was great (108/60), I tried not to look at the number on the scale (it's not fair since it was afternoon, I ate lunch, and was fully clothed - with shoes), and we decided to wait until my next appt to do the second half of the bloodwork for the NT scan since I was just over 15 weeks and they do it between 15 and 20 weeks.

Then I got to wait some more since there wasn't an open room. I parked myself on the couch by the checkout desk, perused some pregnancy and parenting magazines, and watched the other people walk out.  I was very interested to see how calm this one woman was, especially when I overheard her say that she is having her baby tomorrow and was scheduling her 6 week postpartum visit.  I really hope I'm that calm when the time comes!

Finally they had a room ready for me and I went back to wait for my doctor. I didn't get to see her at the last visit since she was busy delivering a baby, so it was nice to see her again. She commented that the results of the first round of bloodwork looked fantastic and then she whipped out the doppler. It's heartbeat time!  Baby is apparently hiding pretty far down in my pelvis still, so it took a second to get it, but then there it was.  The sound I was waiting all day to hear.  Dr Evans said it sounded great so I was pleased.

I was slightly less pleased when it came time to talk about the next appointment. I asked if that was when we would find out boy or girl, but she said no.  She wants to wait 5 weeks for that (when I would be in my 20th week), so instead I have a regular appt on Nov 10th (happy birthday to me!) and then she wanted to schedule the anatomy scan for 2 weeks later. Unfortunately that is Thanksgiving week and nothing was available. So I took an appt for Dec 8th since it was the day with the latest appt available (I try to accommodate J as much as possible so he doesn't have to miss too much work).  When I got home I realized that puts me at 22w3d - and it's 7 weeks from now, not 5.  So this morning I called back and took the appt that was available the previous week on Nov 30th at 2:30 (J said it's fine). So I will be 21w2d instead.

Yay - less than 6 weeks until we find out!

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