Monday, June 11, 2012

Who Needs to Walk?

Apparently that is Andrew's attitude.  He is 14 1/2 months and is still showing no interest in walking. None.  If we try to hold his hands and get him to walk he protests and sits right down.  He doesn't even try to stand unsupported.

It's not that he doesn't stand at all - he pulls up on everything and cruises like nobody's business (especially when he sees something he wants).  He just doesn't seem to want to walk.

I'm wondering if when baby Laure is back in daycare next week (her family is on vacation this week) and he sees her walking all over the place that it will inspire him to get up?  She is a month younger than him and had started taking steps before her family left for vacation.  Maybe seeing that little peanut walking around will be enough peer pressure to get him on two feet.

At least for right now, though, he seems content as long as he can crawl, cruise, and of course climb:

I guess even if he won't walk he is still one cute little munchkin.  :)


  1. I just said to Bart the other night, "remember when we encouraged her to walk? Yeah we were nuts"

    Enjoy this time. Because you are going to wake up and he's going to be off.

  2. He will walk when he is ready. One day it'll be two steps and then he will be off!!! :) Right now he is just enjoying the being carted around by mom plan! :)

  3. I miss rompers. They were my it is just shorts...and tees and underwear. They grow so fast, who cares if he won't walk?! He will eventually!